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Great Gift Ideas from Ear Plug Superstore

Gift Ideas from Ear Plug superstore Ear Plug superstore offers unique gift ideas you won't find anywhere else. Whether you're shopping for a friend, a loved one, or a co-worker, we offer a great selection of interesting items that all make excellent gifts!

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Disney Princess Ear Plugs

Disney Princess Little Mermaid Aqua Ears Ear Plugs

Disney Cars Ear Plugs for Kids

Disney Cars Aqua Ears Ear Plugs

ReVO Baby Ear Muffs

ReVO Earmuffs for Babies and Children

Sound Oasis S-805 Travel White Noise Machine

Etymotic Ety-Kids Safe Listening Earphones

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Baby Ear Muffs

Baby Ear Muffs
It is so important to protect your hearing -- especially if you are a child or infant, at a time when your hearing is particularly sensitive.  All of our ear muffs for babies and children are safe and comfortable enough for children, toddlers, and infants to wear.  An excellent gift for music enthusiasts or hunters with children.

Ear Band-Its

Ear Bandits
A great standalone gift or in combination with a swimming protection pack, Ear Bandits are soft, comfortable headbands designed to help earplugs stay in without falling out.  They're also comfortable enough to wear during sleep to keep snoring plugs from falling out.  Available in several sizes and colors, for kids and adults.

ER-20 Ear Plugs

Etymotic ER-20 Musician's Ear Plugs
These musician's plugs block sound in a flat spectrum, making them perfect for musicians because they offer hearing protection without distorting the sound. Perfect for young musicians, professional musicians, music students and teachers, concert goers, and for the parents of all three. Choose plug-stem and cord colors.

Hatphones Hatphones Earphone Hats with Built-In Speakers
These fashionable hats are available in several different styles, colors, and patterns. Each hat features two small, built-in speakers that sit inside little interior pouches over the ears. The result is a line of cool and adorable earphone hats that let you listen to music while keeping your head and ears warm.
NFL Ear Plugs NFL Ear Plugs
With a set of team-color earplugs to represent your favorite NFL team, you're ready to get your hearing protection game on. Block out screaming fans and blaring PA systems, so you can take in the game comfortably at a safer volume. A great, thoughtful, and affordable gift for any NFL sports fan!
Crescendo Gardening Earplugs Crescendo Gardening Ear Plugs
These natural sound ear plugs from Crescendo, maker of top-of-the-line musician ear plugs, are perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time tending the lawn, trimming trees and bushes, or working in the garden. These ear plugs provide just enough hearing protection for using noisy home and garden tools.
Radians DIY Custom EarplugsRadians DIY Custom Molded Ear Plugs
These one-step do-it-yourself custom molded earplugs are an excellent choice for anyone who needs to wear hearing protection but hates the hassle and waste of conventional disposable plugs. Available in a variety of colors, with an option screw-in lanyard. DIY custom ear plugs are an unbeatable gift for Do-It-Yourselfers.

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SensorCom Microbuds Earbuds

Sensorcom Microbuds
These Microbuds really are micro, some of the smallest and lightest earbud-style earphones available anywhere.  They offer great sound, and they're ideal for bikers because they're small enough to wear under a helmet!  For an extra flourish, add the Premium Tip Set, making these earphones sure to fit anyone comfortably, no matter the size or shape of their ears.

SleepPhones SleepPhones Earphones for Sleeping
Listening to music is a wonderful way to block out disturbing night time noises. Drift off to dreamland while listening to your favorite tunes, fall asleep faster, and get more out of relaxation time with these comfortable earphones. Unique flat speakers inside a fleece headband make these sleeping earphones super soft.
3m E-A-R Buds Earphones with Hearing Protection3M Peltor E-A-R Buds for OSHA Controlled Work Environments
When you want to listen to music, but you also need hearing protection, these earbuds for workers are the perfect solution. These earphones feature a low-profile, in-ear fit, and they allow you to listen to music while still protection your hearing. A fantastic gift for workers in virtually any industry.

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The Sleep-Eze is a serious solution for friends and loved ones who simply cannot sleep due to a snoring partner, or due to Tinnitus and other similar conditions.  The Sleep-Eze is a really neat, high-tech wireless gadget that plays a stream of smooth white noise directly into your ears, through small, low-profile earpieces.  Give the gift of relief!

Sound Oasis S-850 Sound Oasis S-850 Travel White Noise Alarm Clock
This compact white noise machine is an unbeatable gift for anyone who has to sleep with snoring or other disturbing sounds. A variety of white noise sounds and alarm clock features makes this great gadget the perfect item for anyone's bedside table. A wonderful gift for those who have trouble sleeping. Portable.
Solitude X Noise canceling headphones PlaneQuiet Solitude X Noise Canceling Headphones
These headphones use noise canceling technology to kill unwanted noises before they can assault your ears. Solitude also allows you to listen to your favorite music or movies. Noise canceling headphones are ideal for use in noisy environments (airplane cabins, the train or subway, etc.), making them truly excellent for travel.

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