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Sleep-Eze In-Ear White Noise Machine (2013 - Latest Model) (One Pair)

Sleep-Eze In-Ear White Noise Machine (2013 - Latest Model) (One Pair)

Sleep-Eze In-Ear White Noise Machine (2013 - Latest Model) (One Pair)Sleep-Eze In-Ear White Noise Machine (2013 - Latest Model) (One Pair)
This item has been discontinued. Don't despair! Find a great replacement in our In-Ear White Noise section.

NOTE: The SleepEze manufacturer is apparently out of business. They are no longer answering their phone. We do have some limited stock of replacement tips for your existing SleepEze, and fortunately, we have two excellent alternative in-ear white noise machines in the SnoreMasker Pro and the new TI-100. Both are superior to the SleepEze. Please let us know if you need further assistance. Sorry for the trouble.

When you have had all you can take, when snoring is getting in the way of your loving relationship, when you have tried all the remedies and snoring cures and ear plugs and still, nothing works for you...there is an answer: Sleep-Eze. New and Improved for 2013!

Sleep-Eze is a tiny device built using hearing aid technology that fits inside your ear emitting the soothing sound of pure white noise while it isolates you from outside noises that disturb your precious sleep. Together with the 10-15 dB of isolation, the 0-79dB of white noise will greatly reduce the amount you hear of most sounds you ordinarily encounter, including snoring, music from next door, people thumping around in the apartment above and traffic outside your window. Sleep-Eze is more effective in blocking noise than any passive device. Sleep-Eze works by first blocking much of the noise you would hear with the open ear just as a regular ear plug would do. Then Sleep-Eze goes farther, by injecting white noise directly into your ear. The white noise causes you to hear less acutely, so you do not hear as much of the noise you want to avoid. The white noise also drowns out more of the sound, through a process called sound masking. Sound masking is the reason you have trouble hearing a conversation near a waterfall. The waterfall sound drowns out much of the sound of a voice.

By combining all three of these effects: the ear plug effect, the increased hearing threshold due to the presence of sound and sound masking, Sleep-Eze provides the relief from noise that you need to get the sleep you must have.

If you decide to give Sleep-Eze a try, we highly recommend that you commit to using it for at least 7 nights. We also suggest that you start with the sound level set to about 1/4 volume and try that for a few nights before you increase it. Each change will take a couple of days at least, to adjust to.

Sleep-Eze has helped many people over the more than 10 years we have been selling it. If you are ready to solve your noise related sleeping problem, buy Sleep-Eze now. It really could change your life.

See Manufacturer's Information Sheet

From Our Customers:
"I just wanted to let you know that I purchased a pair of Sleep-Eze recently, and they are FANTASTIC! They perform exactly as you said they would!!! Thank you so much for all your help!" --Brenda

Warning: because Sleep-Eze is capable of blocking most incoming sounds it can prevent you from hearing smoke alarms and other emergency warning devices you may need to hear. Be sure to test your ability to hear these warnings before going to sleep with the Sleep-Eze in place.

Sleep-Eze 2013 Model In-Ear White Noise Machine Features and Benefits:

  • Sleep-Eze in-ear white noise generators are built using advanced hearing aid technology
  • Sleep-Eze Model 2013 features improved ergonomic design to fit comfortably in virtually any adult ear
  • Sleep-Eze has removable, replaceable tips in two styles and 3 sizes each for maximum comfort and a perfect fit in each ear
  • Sound volume is adjustable from 0 to a maximum 79dB which is safe for all night, every night use, even at maximum volume
  • Handy storage pouch is included (We also recommend using a drying aid to keep your Sleep-Eze in top working order for maximum life)
  • Batteries should last up to 250 hours, depending on operating volume. Replacement batteries are available for order below.
  • Package Contents: One right and one left side Sleep-Eze earpiece, One pair each size, Small, Medium and Large Pinwheel tips, One pair each size, Small, Medium, and Large Mushroom tips, wax removal tool, leatherette storage pouch, 4 #10 hearing aid batteries and instructions for use, Plus a Free Memory Foam Ear Pillow that is ideal for side sleepers.

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