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GeniSys™ Gen-Z™ Custom Ear Molds For All In-Ear Devices

GeniSys™ Gen-Z™ Custom Ear Molds For All In-Ear Devices

GeniSys™ Gen-Z™ Custom Ear Molds For All In-Ear DevicesGeniSys™ Gen-Z™ Custom Ear Molds For All In-Ear DevicesGeniSys™ Gen-Z™ Custom Ear Molds For All In-Ear DevicesGeniSys™ Gen-Z™ Custom Ear Molds For All In-Ear Devices
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NOTE: This Product Requires Ear Impressions. A do-it-yourself impression kit is available as an option, or you can obtain ear impressions locally. Please View Instructions Before You Purchase This Product.

GeniSys Gen-Z Custom Earmolds

GeniSys Gen-Z Custom Earmolds are molded to accommodate whatever kind of in-ear device you may have. Examples include Apple AirPods, CEP pilot headsets, common earbuds, stethoscopes, and more. Whatever in-ear device you have, we can most likely fit you with a custom mold that will hold your device securely and comfortably in your ear for extended wear. With Gen-Z Custom Earmolds you can count on your earpieces remaining securely in your ear while you enjoy unparalleled comfort.

As an additional benefit, your new custom fitted earmolds will almost always block more ambient sound than most generic ear tips will, letting you hear your music or comms more clearly. If you do need to hear the ambient sounds, we can add an open vent or even install a Hocks Noise Braker in a vent to provide intermittent noise protection, as on a gun range or while hunting.

Gen-Z custom earmolds are made from physical impressions you either make at home using our optional DIY impression kit, or have made by a local audiologist. Once we receive your impressions, our lab pros will scan your impressions and use the scans in our advanced earmold manufacturing process to produce the perfect custom fitted earmolds just for you. We then archive your ear impression scans for ten years, which means for any future orders of GeniSys custom earplugs or earphones, you will not need to make impressions again.


Gen-Z custom earmolds let you convert almost any, one-size-fits-all earpieces including Apple AirPods, regular earbuds, or in-ear earphones of any brand, make, or model into perfectly fitting custom earphones. Choose any color, and enhancement, and tell us the make and model of your earbuds or earphones in the comments during checkout.

Gen-Z custom earmolds are available to connect to BTE, ITC, and RIC hearing aids, law enforcement earpieces, IFB earsets, covert and tactical curly tube earpieces, CEP pilot headsets, conventional bar-mounted pilot headsets and other devices. Choose any earmold style, color, enhancement and/or curly tube type. Be sure to call or email us to be sure your device is compatible with your preferred ear mold style.

GeniSys Gen-Z Earmolds Features and Benefits:

  • If it goes in your ear, we can make a Gen-Z custom earmold to fit your device to your ear.
  • Gen-Z custom earmolds are made from physical ear impressions or archived impression scans
  • Scans are retained for 10 years for use in purchase of additional or replacement GeniSys custom products
  • Fit guaranteed; free remakes if needed up to 6 months
  • DIY or Audiologist made impressions accepted
  • Choice of many Colors and Enhancements including multiple color swirls, glitter, glow, or minimum visibility
  • Numerous ear mold styles available (depending on your device) including full ear, half ear, shelled out quarter ear, skeleton, or canal only.

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