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Solitude X Noise Canceling Stereo Headphones

Solitude X Noise Canceling Stereo Headphones

Solitude X Noise Canceling Stereo HeadphonesSolitude X Noise Canceling Stereo HeadphonesSolitude X Noise Canceling Stereo HeadphonesSolitude X Noise Canceling Stereo Headphones
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Solitude® X Active Noise Canceling Headphones from Solitude Designs, LLC feature revolutionary Adjustable Active Noise Control technology that gives you control over the way the headphones cancel sound. Unlike other noise canceling headphones, the Solitude X offers a "depth of sound" control that actually allows you to adjust the amount of ANC the headphones provide -- so you can fine-tune your noise canceling depending on how noisy your environment is and what sound source you're listening to (iPod, CD or DVD player, in-flight entertainment, etc.).

The Solitude® X also represents a huge leap forward in terms of sound quality. Earlier models of noise canceling headphones had an unfortunate tendency to wash out some frequencies of sound as they canceled out outside noises. However, Solitude® X headphones produce the same high-quality sound with or without the ANC function turned on; the only difference is that you get a mild bass boost when the ANC is turned off. With the Solitude® X, the sound quality you get is excellent -- whether you're using the noise canceling feature, or whether you're just using these headphones to listen to music.

With up to 18dB of noise cancellation, the Solitude® X can cut constant noise (such as the roar inside an airplane cabin) by 75% or more! This means that if you wear these headphones with only the ANC turned on and no music playing, you'll only have to deal with about 25% of the background noise -- which frees up your ears so you can rest in comfortable quiet, hold a conversation with a travel companion, or listen to music or the in-flight move in relative peace. And unlike other ANC headphones, should the batteries on your Solitude® X die mid-flight, you won't be left high and dry: you can still listen to your music or any other sound source indefinitely, because with the Solitude® X's "pass through design," the battery power is only required for the ANC function. Alternatively, the Solitude® X's generously long cord is detachable, so you can remove the cord and choose to only use the ANC function, for unencumbered peace and quiet. With its smart, effective noice canceling capabilities, the Solitude® X is excellent for reducing flying noise fatigue.

Solitude® X headphones are also extremely comfortable to wear, even for hours at a time. The clamping force of the Solitude® X is a bit more gentle than other popular ANC headphones (such as the Bose QC15), and the soft, cushioned ear pads conform around your ears, actually becoming more comfortable as you wear them while also providing a better seal against outside noise. The ear cups tilt and swivel to ensure a good fit no matter how you sit or recline. It is notable that the Solitude® X does not fold up, which is a common feature of ANC headphones; this was a deliberate design decision. The Solitude® X is designed to maximize sound quality, fit, comfort, and reliability -- and to improve their ease of storage and portability, the headphones come with a zippered EVA case with inside pouches for cords, adapters, and even business cards.

The Solitude® X is compatible with CD/DVD/MP3 players, laptops and netbooks, and in-flight airplane entertainment systems. This headset also includes a cell phone adapter cord with mic, so you can use it as a cell phone headset!

With cutting-edge ANC technology you can adjust to suit your sound source and auditory environment, excellent sound quality, powerful noise cancellation, and luxurious comfort, the Solitude® X really does earn its tag line: "Discover the Sound of Silence™." The Solitude® X really does step up the ANC competition, finally providing features that are truly comparable to Bose, at a much, much more reasonable price.

Solitude® X Technical Specifications:

  • Active Noise Cancellation >= 18dB at 150Hz-400Hz
  • Driver Unit 40mm
  • Frequency Response 15 - 23,000Hz
  • Sensitivity 112dB +- 3dB at 1KHz
  • Impedance 32ohms
  • Max Power Input 30mW
  • Cord Length Approx. 1.5m
  • Adapter Plug 3.5mm 6.3mm
  • Battery AAA 1.5V x 2 (Alkaline -- Batteries Included)
  • Limited One Year Warranty

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