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Swimming Ear Bands

Swimming Ear Bands

Swimming ear bands are the perfect way to keep swimming ear plugs in - and water out! These soft and comfortable headbands come in a variety of fun colors and sizes to fit toddlers, children and adults. Just wear an earband over a pair of moldable silicone ear plugs, and you never have to worry about your ear plugs falling out at the pool or beach.

Designed by an ear, nose and throat doctor, the original swimming headband (the popular Ear Band-It®) was created so that kids with ear tubes would have a complete, simple, and affordable system -- a pair of moldable ear plugs and a swimming ear band to hold them in place -- to keep their ears safe and dry during swimming and bathing. Now, other great swimming bands are also available, and these ear plug accessories have become an absolute must-have swim safety item for both children and adults with ear tubes.

Please note that all swimming bands are designed for surface swimming and for general, fun splashing around - not for diving. Even a very snugly-fitted swimming ear band worn over a well-sealed pair of plugs isn't sure to keep your child's moldable ear plugs in place if your child is doing cannonballs off the high dive.

Little Grommets Swimming Headbands
Little Grommets Swimming Headbands
2 Reviews

With Little Grommets swimming headbands worn over your choice of moldable silicone ear plugs, now everyone can swim safely knowing absolutely no water will get into the ear.

Mack's Ear Band Swimming Headband
Mack's Ear Band Swimming Headband
4 Reviews

Mack's Ear Band Swimming Headbands are ideal for helping to keep swimming earplugs securely in place. Mack's Ear Bands are adjustable to fit most children up to medium sized adults.

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Current Price: $9.95
Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband
Ear Band-It Earplug Retaining Headband
21 Reviews

Ear Band-It soft, comfortable headbands are designed to make sure the ear plugs you put in stay in during swimming. Especially recommended for younger children, Ear Band-Its are great for water applications. A smart choice for kids and adults with ear tubes.
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3-24$9.00Save 10%
25-49$7.50Save 25%
50+$6.92Save 31%
Current Price: $10.00
Ear Band-It Ultra - Premium Swimming Headband
Ear Band-It Ultra - Premium Swimming Headband
8 Reviews

Ear Band-It® Ultra Premium Swimming Headband features thicker, stronger neoprene material with a wider form factor for a more secure fit. Available in a choice of 5 vivid colors plus a couple of subdued colors for adults who prefer not to make a poolside fashion statement.

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3-24$11.00Save 8%
25-49$9.17Save 23%
50+$8.46Save 29%
Current Price: $11.95
Mack's Ear Dryer
Mack's Ear Dryer
5 Reviews

Using warm, soothing air, the Mack's Ear Dryer lets you dry your ears, avoid bacterial and fungal infections, and prevent swimmer's ear all in about 85 seconds. Totally safe for the whole family. Ideal for kids! Use after swimming or bathing.