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Crescendo Gardening Ear Plugs (NRR 16)

Crescendo Gardening Ear Plugs (NRR 16)

Crescendo Gardening Ear Plugs (NRR 16)Crescendo Gardening Ear Plugs (NRR 16)Crescendo Gardening Ear Plugs (NRR 16)
Product Number: cdegardeningpk00-000
Mfg. Part No: PR-0393

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Crescendo Gardening Ear Plugs are the first ear plugs designed especially for gardening and yard work. Whether you are just whacking a few weeds or working toward that picture-perfect golf course quality lawn, Crescendo Gardening is the perfect way to ensure your ears stay protected while you work. And thanks to the enormous selection of home and garden gadgets available today, keeping a nice lawn and a beautiful garden has never been noisier. These great ear plugs provide NRR 16 hearing protection overall, with up to 25dB of protection at some frequencies.

Have you ever wondered how loud your lawn and garden tools actually are?
Here are a few common statistics:

Lawn Mower95-105dB
Leaf Blower 103dB
Hedge Trimmer 91-103dB
Snow Blower 106dB
Chain Saw100-125dB

For reference, 85dB is the upper limit of what is considered a safe amount of sound. Meanwhile, mowers, chain saws, and leaf blowers can all potentially reach volumes as high as 120dB. That's a truly stunning (and extremely hazardous) amount of noise! That much noise means that each pleasant day spent working in your garden or caring for your lawn could be causing you serious hearing damage. If you've ever heard a high-pitched ringing or whine in your ears after mowing the lawn or trimming some hedges, you've already experienced noise-induced hearing loss. And noise-induced hearing loss is cumulative -- so even a couple hours of tree trimming or edging here and there can still cause you hearing damage that seriously stacks up over time.

Crescendo Gardening ear plugs provide up to 25dB of hearing protection, and an overall sound reduction rating of NRR 16. That's enough protection from noise to keep your ears safe from even the noisiest chain saws and other power tools, while still allowing you to hear some of what's going on around you (an important safety feature). Crescendo Gardening ear plugs also use special DEC noise filters that allow air to pass in and out of the ear. That means these gardening ear plugs won't give you that muffled feeling you can get from regular foam ear plugs. Also, since these filters allow your ears to "breathe," Crescendo Gardening ear plugs also deliver enhanced comfort and reduced irritation even after hours of wear.

With excellent fit and comfort, special DEC noise filters, and just the right amount of noise protection, Crescendo Gardening Ear Plugs are the perfect solution for yard work, lawn care, gardening, and all your other outdoor home and garden chores and hobbies. Crescendo Gardening Ear Plugs are fully washable with a little warm water and soap, and with occasional cleaning one set of plugs can stand up to weeks or even months of frequent usage.

Crescendo Gardening Package Includes:
2 sets of interchangeable tips (small and large)
1 set of interchangeable Gardening sound filters
1 rugged aluminum screw-top carry case with key chain

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By Bruce A.
Much easier to insert in you ear than...
February 10, 2014
Much easier to insert in you ear than the disposable foam earplugs, especially when it is cold. They also appear to do a better job of blocking the noise from my snowblower than the foam ones.
December 14, 2013

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