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Acute Noise Sensitivity (ANS)

Acute Noise Sensitivity (ANS)
Here at Ear Plug Superstore we define Acute Noise Sensitivity (ANS) as a condition in which a person experiences abnormal sensitivity to sounds that persons with normal hearing would not ordinarily find uncomfortable or especially irritating.

Many customers tell us that sounds in the normal world that most people seem to simply ignore, are physically painful to themselves. As a result, they confide, these people often make sad choices such as skipping celebrations and parties, declining to eat at favorite, but noisy restaurants, and even avoiding visits with their extra loud friends or family, in favor of a quieter, if more lonely, activity.

We want you to know that the recently exploding category of musicians ear plugs, which are ordinary ear plugs that are equipped with a tuned acoustic filter, can literally change your life for the better. Check them out below, and get back your life! If you need help choosing a product for your particular situation, or to help a child cope better with noise at home or school, please get in touch. We are here to help:

Ear Plugs for Music and Concerts
Ear Plugs for Music and Concerts

Explore the world of musicians ear plugs here! We think you will be impressed with what you find. Modern music listening ear plugs have exploded onto the ear plug world over the past ten years or so, giving everyone, from casual music lovers to professional stage musicians an increasingly wide choice of ear plugs that let you choose the amount of sound reduction you experience, while still letting you enjoy the full experience of the music you love. With music listening ear plugs, only the volume is reduced; not the fidelity!

White Noise Machines
White Noise Machines

Choose your favorite white noise machine or white noise CD for masking noise in the room or with earphones for maximum control and effectiveness. Add Challenger S phones for Total Isolation(TM).

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Isolate Metal Ear Plugs

Radians Custom Molded Ear Plugs

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