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Knowledge Center - FAQ's and Resources

The Ear Plug Superstore Knowledge Center is a help & support hub designed to connect you to our best resources. Below, you can find links to various materials based on the type of information you need.

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Video Hub

Ear Plug Superstore Video Hub

Video: The WOW of Sensear
Video: Protecting Musicians' Most Important Asset
Video: Science of Speed: Sound - NASCAR Sound & Hearing
Video: Suzi Perry Talks Hearing Protection for Bikers
Video: The Hearing Video
Video: How to Fit Howard Leight Single-Use Roll-Down Foam Ear Plugs
Video: Putty Buddies and Ear Band-Its
Video: How to Fit Mack's Moldable Silicone Ear Plugs
Video: Etymotic GunSport PRO™ Product Review
Video: Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Knowledge Center Infographics Collection

Infographic: So, You Want to Lose Your Ears?
Infographic: Howard Leight Noise Thermometer
Flyer: Ear Muffs for Children & Babies (print ready)
Flyer: Shooting & Hunting Hearing Protection (print ready)
Articles and Information

Ear Plug Superstore Knowledge Base Articles

Hearing Protection in MRI Procedures
What Does a Quality Masking Noise Sound Like?

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