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Infographic: So, You Want to Lose Your Ears?

Infographic: So, You Want To Lose Your Ears?

So, You Want to Lose Your Ears?
An Infographic All About Hearing

Brought to you by Ear Plug Superstore, the world's largest hearing protection superstore.

Over the years we have fielded many calls and answered more emails than we can count, helping our customers better understand the need for hearing protection for themselves, for their family members, for their workers, and for others living and working in their communities. Along the way, it occurred to us that we might be able to offer more help to those who also work in hearing related fields. Audiologists, EENT physicians, pediatricians, nurses, librarians, family practitioners, teachers, and many others routinely field questions about human hearing. For all these professionals, and for anyone else with an interest, we offer our award winning infographic, "So, You Want to Lose Your Ears?" in two downloadable formats. One is smaller, and suitable for use in a website, or in a printed version at up to 8" x 11". The other is a high resolution version suitable for printing a large poster that could be displayed in waiting rooms, libraries, classrooms, or other locations; this high-rez image could also be used in brochures.

As the copyright holder of these materials, we hereby offer the non-exclusive right to use our infographic for any non-commercial application at no charge to you. Please do not sell it or edit it. Otherwise, you may use it as you wish.

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One favor we would ask of you: If you do use the infographic as a poster, please send us a snapshot of the poster in your classroom, waiting room, office, or wherever you hang it! Similarly, if you use the infographic in a publication, may we have a copy? Please email to:

Also, if you have a website, please consider adding a link to this page, so your visitors can also obtain the infographic if they wish! And if you feel it is relevant to your visitors, please link to our store.

Thank you for your assistance in helping us get the word out about protecting everyone's hearing. We appreciate it.