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What Does a Quality Masking Noise Sound Like?

What Does a Quality Masking Noise Sound Like?
If you are considering using a masking noise in your home, office or call center, as so many of our customers have, you may be wondering, "What does the masking noise sound like?" This is a reasonable question, and one we are now ready to try and answer, thanks to the help of the engineers at Cambridge Sound Management.

Before you listen to the clip, please consider the following points:
  • The quality of any sound will depend on the quality and characteristics of the speaker through which the sound is rendered.
  • The masking sound you are about to hear is not "white noise" per se. White Noise is a specific kind of sound that is effective at masking unwanted noises, but is very irritating. The Cambridge sound is a patented, engineered sound that is optimized to interfere with the ability of the listener to understand human speech, without causing irritation in the listener. Once you hear the Cambridge sound you will understand just how pleasant a masking sound can be and once you experience the sound in your home, office or call center, you will also appreciate how amazingly effective it can be as well.
  • The only devices capable of rendering the patented Cambridge sound properly are Oasis QT and Sonet APS, both of which are available for sale here at Ear Plug Superstore.
  • By downloading the sound clip and playing it on your computer or other device, you are at best getting an approximation of the sound you will experience when rendered through the proper equipment, but you will get a pretty good idea of the high quality sound delivered by the Cambridge Sound Management speech privacy sound masking systems, Oasis QT and Sonet APS.
Download the Cambridge Sound Clip (10MB Wav File)

Please go ahead and download the clip. It is a 10mb file so it may take a little while.

While you are listening to the Cambridge sound, consider a few more points about the masking sound. Human speech ranges from about 55 to 65 dB, (and you know who in your space is which...) The Cambridge Sound Management machines produce a maximum of about 47 dB. On the dB scale, 10 dB is approximately twice as loud, so 55 dB is almost twice as loud as 47 dB. That means there is never a time when the masking sound will interfere with a face to face conversation.

On the other hand, as you move farther away from another person who is speaking, the volume of the sound you hear falls off in an exponential function of the distance. In english, that means a small increase in the distance between you and the talker will result in a large decrease in the sound volume you hear. (If only you could shove that person's desk a little farther away from yours...)

As a result of this reality, the conversations occurring farther away from you will be masked to a greater extent. In a large open area, Oasis QT can create "Normal Privacy" at a distance of 20 feet. That means you can understand less than 5% of words spoken at that distance. If you insert cubicle walls at least 53" tall, the normal privacy distance is reduced to 12'.

So please enjoy the soothing sound of the patented Cambridge sound and let us know if we can answer any other questions you may have.