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Infographic: Howard Leight Noise Thermometer

Infographic: Howard Leight Noise Thermometer

Noise Thermometer
Infographic by Howard Leight

Brought to you by Howard Leight.

Sound is not always a simple concept to understand. This infographic helps to illustrate how sound energy works by using common examples to explain a fairly complex subject. The headline explains the concept that sound energy doubles every 3dB -- adding that if a 90dB noise is doubled, it measures 93dB. This counter-intuitive idea is much easier to understand when one can actually "see" how much sound energy is generated by different noisy events. Howard Leight provides this poster to help demonstrate to your team that hearing conservation is important at many levels -- and not simply about complying with workplace regulations. This poster is designed to be downloaded for your workplace and also access groups who offer resources to professionals, including audiologists, industrial hygienists, safety nurses, managers, students and other individuals involved in implementing hearing conservation programs. The infographic file is available for download in only one size; this image is designed to be printed as a long poster measuring 11.25" x 35.25", but it will work just as well in larger or smaller poster sizes.

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