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Westone Style 34 Custom Ear Molds for Etymotic Earphones (One Pair)

Westone Style 34 Custom Ear Molds for Etymotic Earphones (One Pair)

Westone Style 34 Custom Ear Molds for Etymotic Earphones (One Pair)Westone Style 34 Custom Ear Molds for Etymotic Earphones (One Pair)
Product Number: lwestyle34custea-999
Mfg. Part No: No. 34

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NOTE: This custom product requires Ear Impressions. A do-it-yourself impression kit is available as an option, or you can obtain ear impressions locally. Please View Instructions Before You Purchase This Product.

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Westone Style 34 Custom Molds for Earphones let you get a custom fit from your in-ear monitors. These custom molds provide the very best fit you can get, so your earbuds feel comfortable and stay firmly in place. A custom fit blocks out the most outside sound, sealing in the music. You'll hear your favorite songs like never before. Designed to work with Etymotic in-ear headphones, Westone Style 34 custom ear molds let you take your high quality universal fit earphones to the next level.

Westone Style 34 custom molds work for all of the following earphones:
  • Etymotic MC series earphones
  • Etyotic ER-6/6i earphones
  • Etymotic ER-4 earphones
  • Etymotic HF series earphones
These custom molds work for some other models of in-ear headphones, too. Just contact us at , and we can find out if Style 34 is the right fit for your 'phones.

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