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Perfect-Fit™ CEPM Model Custom Ear Molds for In-Ear Monitors and Isolation Earphones (FREE Impression Kit + FREE Shipping Included!) (One Pair)

CEPM Model Custom Ear Molds for In-Ear Monitors and Isolation Earphones
CEPM Model Custom Ear Molds for In-Ear Monitors and Isolation EarphonesCEPM Model Custom Ear Molds for In-Ear Monitors and Isolation Earphones
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NOTE: This Product Requires Ear Impressions. A do-it-yourself impression kit and free Priority Mail shipping (US addresses only) are included. Please View Instructions Before You Purchase This Product.

Get the most out of your earphones.

Perfect-Fit™ CEPM Custom Earphone Molds will dramatically improve the fit of your isolation earphones. With Perfect-Fit™ custom molds you get improved comfort, increased durability, an effortless, always perfect acoustic seal for the awesome bass response you crave, and your isolation level will be increased to 25dB or better. If you use foam tips or triple flanged tips, custom molds will probably not increase isolation enough to notice, but single and double flange tip users will notice a dramatic improvement in the level of isolation.

Your earphone fit will no longer rely on a one-size-fits-all tip, but your new CEPM custom earphone molds will be custom made to fit your unique ear canals. (As a bonus, that means your buds can't borrow your 'phones--"Sorry dude, I would love to lend them to you, but they only fit me!" Perfect-Fit™ custom molds last for years and they are so comfortable you can wear them as much as you like. And because they last so long, they will ultimately save you money--no more replacement tips to buy!

What will my Perfect-Fit™ Custom Earphone Molds look like?

Depending on a number of factors including the shape of your particular earpieces and the shape and size of your ear cavities, our technicians will determine the best design for your personal custom earphone molds. In general, we will make for you either "Canal-Only" or "Full-Shell" molds. Both Canal-Only and Full-Shell custom molds provide almost identical noise reduction, because both styles of ear mold seal the ear canal completely.

Canal-Only Custom Earphone Molds Full Shell Custom Earphone Molds

Canal-Only molds fit onto the stems of the earpieces in place of the stock tips that came with your earphones. As the name implies, Canal-Only molds do not encase the body of the earpiece at all. Canal-only molds allow the earpieces to sit farther down in the ear cavity for the lowest profile you can get with a given set of earphones, and canal only molds do let you rotate the earpieces a few degrees in either direction, which can be helpful in "fine-tuning" the fit of your finished earpieces.

By contrast, full shell molds provide more support for the earpieces, but full shell molds do not allow any flexibility in placement of the earpieces. Of necessity, full shell earpieces will cause the earpieces to project a bit farther out of the ear because ear mold material must be placed between the bottom of the ear cavity and the earpiece in order to partially encase the earpiece.

We generally will only make full shell molds if required by the small size of your earpieces. Earphones with earpieces that already fill the outer ear cavity will be made canal only.

Product Reviews for CEPM Model Custom Ear Molds for In-Ear Monitors and Isolation Earphones

CEPM Model Custom Ear Molds for In-Ear Monitors and Isolation Earphones4roger peraltaNovember 3, 2013I was using triple flange inserts for my shure ear buds , with the new custom fit ear molds i really can't tell much if any difference in sound quality for live band mix
CEPM Model Custom Ear Molds for In-Ear Monitors and Isolation Earphones5Marc McCordOctober 4, 2011I am very pleased with these. I use them with my Shure SE530 and the difference between these and the stock tips is fairly dramatic. Very good isolation (over 90%). Much more impact on the low end. The fit and comfort are outstanding - I forget that I have them in. An overall outstanding product that more people should take advantage of.
CEPM Model Custom Ear Molds for In-Ear Monitors and Isolation Earphones5Rich SchollmannMay 8, 2011Product is excellent and the customer service was great! Getting a good impression is tough on your own -- I used an audiologist at $25. I got a confirmation that the impressions had been received, a note when they were sent to the lab with an estimated ship date and a note when they were shipped -- on time! The fit is great, especially when I already had my own earphones. The molds are VERY comfortable. Not 100% noise-blocking, but I didn't expect that. Overall highly recommend the product and the company!

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