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Westone Style 89 Ear Mold for RIC (Receiver-In-Canal) Hearing Aids (One Earpiece)

Westone Style 89 Ear Mold for RIC (Receiver-In-Canal) Hearing Aids (One Earpiece)

Product Number: lwestyle89000000-999
Mfg. Part No: style 89


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NOTE: This custom product requires Ear Impressions. A do-it-yourself impression kit is available as an option, or you can obtain ear impressions locally. Please View Instructions Before You Purchase This Product.

Westone Style 89 Ear Molds are made specifically to convert your RIC hearing aids to perfectly fitting custom hearing aids. The custom fitted ear molds are made from impressions of your ear, and they are made of durable, flexible Otoblast Silicone for long life and all day comfort.

Please use the comments box during checkout to tell us the brand and model of your RIC hearing aids so that we can determine whether we will need you to send your hearing aids to us or just your ear impressions.

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