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Health Enterprises ACU-LIFE Shooter's Ear Plugs (Sonic Valve II) (NRR 18)

Health Enterprises ACU-LIFE Shooter's Ear Plugs (Sonic Valve II)
Product Number: chashooterplugea-000
Mfg. Part No: 400711

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Acu Life Shooter's Ear Plugs from Health Enterprises are designed to provide premium hearing protection for a wide range of shooting sports. Acu Life Shooter's Ear Plugs allow low level sounds that are not harmful to hearing to pass through and reach the ear canals, while dangerous gunfire sounds are blocked. The best-selling shooter's ear plugs of all time are now available in a custom molded version, too (scroll down to order).

Looking for Sonic Valve ear plugs? Acu Life Shooter's Ear Plugs are a direct replacement for the old North Sonic Valve II, including the exact same valve body and plugs made with the same molds. Only the materials are a different color and they are a little softer than the old Sonic Valve II was.

Highly recommended for construction and industrial jobs with intermittent impact noises!

Acu Life Shooter's Ear Plug Features:
+ Vented to eliminate that 'plugged up' feeling.
+ Blocks loud impulse noises, but lets most sounds at safe volume levels still be heard.
+ Permits normal conversation.
+ Soft silicone rubber cushion for comfort.
+ 18 NRR, which means you can hear most of what is going on around you, yet still be protected automatically when needed.
+ Sturdy Carry Case Included.

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Item No: lplcustsonicpr00-999
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80 Reviews
70% (56)
10% (8)
8% (6)
5% (4)
8% (6)
15% Recommend this product (12 of 80 responses)
By WMax
Good ear pro
November 20, 2023
Just like the originals I have used for years.
  • Simple effective ear pro for low volume shooting especially hunting.
  • None
By Tony
Uncomfortable and ineffctive
September 7, 2023
Ear plugs are hard and uncomfortable, Sound redution is minimal.
  • uncomfortable
  • minimal sound reduction
By David
Sonic Valve II
July 16, 2023
I have not yet used these ACU-LIFE Shooter’s Ear Plugs (Sonic Valve II). I had previously used the Sonic Valve II for years when they were sold under the North Safety label. I thought they had long been discontinued until I read a post in a shooting forum. I was glad to see they were still available, bought a couple pairs, and plan to start using them again.
  • Comfortable. Work.
  • Previously available with two different size ear cushions.
By S W.
Cleveland, Oklahoma
Just like the original Norton: Sonic plugs
August 19, 2022
I recently lost my original Norton Sonic earplugs and was glad to see this continuation of that design. They look and feel just like the pair I lost. I use them at the rifle range shooting high power rifle and pistol. Great ear plugs and not bulky like a set of muffs are.
By Roy O.
Safeguard your hearing
July 17, 2022
The plugs work as advertised, but when used around firearms, add a pair of high-quality 'mickeys' (I use Decibel Defense) as a belt-and-suspenders approach.
By Joseph G.
July 3, 2022
They didn't work and they were uncomfortable
  • None
  • They didn't work and they were uncomfortable
By Scott
great value
May 2, 2022
I use these ear protections mostly while bird hunting. They are the best I’ve found in wind. I can carry conversations with my fellow hunters and hear my dogs beeper collar when she goes on point. When the day is over I do not have ringing ears. They are so comfortable I can wear them all day while gun deer hunting as well. This is my third pair for myself. They don’t wear out. You’ll miss place them first. I bought them for my sons as well.
By Joe
Great ear plugs
November 5, 2021
The ACU-LIFE Ear Plugs are easy to install and work great. You can carry on a conversation and yet be protected from the blast from a firearm.
  • Works great.
  • None encountered.
By John
central Illinois
New Shooters ear plugs
October 28, 2021
Recently purchased 2 sets of Sonic II ear plugs hoping to replace my 40 year old Sonics. The new ones just aren't as quiet ass my old ones. They work but don't seem to soften the sharp report of shotguns on trap range. Having said that, I am still going to use the Sonic II by switching off with my old Sonic set occasionally. Sorry guys but New isn't Better!!
By Crabman
Uncomfortable to wear (too large)
August 22, 2021
Uncomfortable to wear for long periods (too large). Should have two ear sizes available.
  • Allows normal speech to be heard
  • Uncomfortable
By Jimmy C.
upstate NY
Not The Same
April 9, 2021
About 25 years ago I bought a pair of the North Sonic II shooter's plugs at a Walmart. I use them exclusively as hearing protection during band gigs and practices. I'm the drummer and at this point really can't play without them. My local Walmarts haven't carried them for years and I assumed they'd been discontinued. But still I wanted a backup pair or two for mine. I saw these on your site touted as being " a direct replacement for the old North Sonic Valve II" so of course I grabbed two pair.

I tried them at our next band practice and was pleasantly surprised that sonically they seemed great, the same level of protection and sound quality. So that was good. The bad thing and what makes them unusable for me was the material the plugs are now made of. It is much stiffer and has way less "give" than my originals. Therefore, after just over an hour of using them, my ear canals were both extremely sore and painful to the point I had to remove them and take a break while the pain eased and I could insert my old standbys.

It's too bad but these won't work for me and will join other failed kinds I've tried, in my junk drawer.
  • Good decibel lowering.
  • Good clarity of sound with little muffling.
  • Caused pain to my ear canals during use.
By Carlos
great product you can still hear everything and protect your ears.
March 5, 2021
By Anonymous
Work well
January 27, 2021
I replaced a pair of the old sonic II that I had used for hunting and shooting for years
By Mike
San Diego
They may work if you can get them in your ear
January 13, 2021
I used ear valves years ago but these really don't fit and are painful. They don't fit my wife either.
  • Not expensive
  • Too painful to use
Excellent product good price
November 19, 2020
These are better than the older ones I use. They fit perfectly, block the gunfire noise, and are extremely easy to clean. The price was very reasonable, and the buying and receiving time was great. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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