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Moldex BattlePlugs Impulse Noise Reusable Ear Plugs (NRR 9/24)

Moldex BattlePlugs Impulse Noise Reusable Ear Plugs (NRR 9/24)
Product Number: cnsbattleplug0pr-000Reviews:
Mfg. Part No: 6497, 6498, 6499


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Now an authorized hearing protector for use by soldiers and Department of the Army civilians!

Not all noise reduction is the same. Hearing protection for constant sound isn't the same as hearing protection for impulse noises such as gunfire. Moldex understands that difference, and Moldex BattlePlugs are a compact and efficient all-in-one battlefield hearing protection solution. The key to BattlePlugs' effectiveness lies in the Dual Mode Protection System. Each BattlePlug ear plug has a cap that can be opened and closed on the fly, providing two different modes of protection:

Closed Cap: This mode provides NRR 24 protection from continuous sound. This mode provides conventional protection from hazardously loud noises, protecting the ears in a variety of noisy environments.

Open Cap: This mode provides low, NRR 9 (medium size) or NRR 12 (small and large sizes) protection from sound, allowing the wearer to hear voices clearly and maintain good situational awareness. But when an impulse noise occurs, the unique filter inside the ear plug body instantly reduces the noise, protecting the ears. And the louder the blast, the higher the noise reduction.

The cap is easy to use. It can be opened and closed while already in the ear, never requiring removal to change modes. BattlePlugs are corded for convenience. They may be easily washed and reused, and they come with a Pocket-Pak® carry case to keep them clean and safe between uses. Each pair includes 2 BattlePlug ear plugs, cord, Pocket-Pak® carrying case, chain, and instructions. Replacement tips are available separately.

Moldex BattlePlugs come in small medium and large sizes

SizeModel #NSN #
BattlePlugs - Small6497NSN # 6515016324167
BattlePlugs - Medium6498NSN # 6515016324179
BattlePlugs - Large6499NSN # 6515016324185

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Product Reviews for Moldex BattlePlugs Impulse Noise Reusable Ear Plugs (NRR 9/24)

Moldex BattlePlugs Impulse Noise Reusable Ear Plugs (NRR 9/24)5EricSeptember 25, 2018Very comfortable plugs. I am an average size 5'11" man with normal size ears, I suppose. I bought the medium plugs after seeing my son's army issue BattlePlugs. I wasn't sure which size would fit me best so I got replacement rubber tips in sizes small and large. The rubber tips are easily removable/replaceable and cost only $5. I tried all 3 size tips and found that the small tips fit my ears most comfortably and still provided outstanding sound reduction. The medium worked well but were slightly uncomfortable over time and the large tips do not insert into my ear canals at all. With the plugs inserted and the caps open, voices are easily heard and understood when spoken from someone at close distances. Sound pressure level is clearly reduced while still able to be understood without the speaking person having to raise his voice. The plugs come with a lanyard that is easily removable but I use it to hang the plugs from my neck when not needed. They also come with a clear plastic round carry case with a small black chain. When not needed for longer periods of time I keep my plugs in this carry case and pop them into my cargo pocket. There is construction going on near my house and it gets noisy here sometimes. These plugs are perfect for what I use them for. I have not used them at the range yet, but as compared to my other rubber and foam plugs and Walker's active muffs, these BattlePlugs perform just as well as any other. Buy them... You will not be disappointed.
Moldex BattlePlugs Impulse Noise Reusable Ear Plugs (NRR 9/24)5J PilotMay 16, 2018These earplugs are superb. I use them around aircraft and weapons and they certainly do the job. They fit very well and are extremely comfortable. I highly recommend these.
Moldex BattlePlugs Impulse Noise Reusable Ear Plugs (NRR 9/24)5DonAugust 18, 2017I use these plugs on the range and at work. I have large ear canals and these fit my ears better then any similar flange earplug on the market

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