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Got Ears?® BlastBuster™ Premium Professional Shooting and Hunting Ear Plugs (NRR 19)

Got Ears?® BlastBuster™ Premium Professional Shooting and Hunting Ear Plugs (NRR 19)

Product Number: cepremblastbustr-00z
Mfg. Part No: GE-BBP

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BlastBuster™ Premium Professional Shooting ear plugs offer a unique combination of features not available elsewhere, including the venerable Hocks Brand acoustic filters, special 3M triple flange ear plugs, and a keychain carry case. The Hocks filters let you carry on conversations, hear game sounds in the field, and maintain situational awareness, all with the ear plugs in place, while you remain protected against loud noises, such as gun shots. BlastBuster™ Premium are recommended for shotgun, pistol, and small caliber rifle hunting activities, as well as outdoor shooting range practice with small caliber weapons. For indoor practice, and for shooting and hunting with larger caliber weapons, we highly recommend that you use a dual protection system by adding passive or electronic ear muffs in addition to wearing BlastBuster™ Premium ear plugs at the same time.

BlastBuster™ ear plugs are sized to fit most average to large adults. Of course ears are unique, so this sizing information may not apply to you personally. For a smaller shooting ear plug, try our standard BlastBuster™ model available below.

We make BlastBuster™ Premium Professional Shooting ear plugs right here at Ear Plug Superstore, in the USA, and offer quantity discounts for your convenience as a reseller of these fine shooting ear plugs. We suggest BlastBuster™ Premium ear plugs as a great fundraiser for your sport shooting or hunting club or organization as well.

Got Ears? BlastBuster™ Premium Professional Shooting Ear Plugs Features and Benefits:

  • Top quality 3M brand triple flange reusable/washable medical grade silicone ear plugs for long lasting durability
  • Each ear plug contains a Hocks brand acoustic filter that lets you maintain situational awareness while remaining protected against dangerously loud noise, either constant or intermittent
  • At NRR 19, BlastBuster™ Premium ear plugs are suitable for use in constant ambient noise environments up to 104 dB
  • Convenient carry case with beaded keychain included

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Item No: cepblastbusterea-00z
QuantityPrice per Item
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10-49$5.83Save 41%
50+$5.41Save 46%
Current Price: $9.95


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