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3M Peltor MT16H21FWS5U-584 WS Wireless Solutions Blue Tooth Tactical Sport High Noise Communications Headset (NRR 20)

3M Peltor MT16H21FWS5U-584 WS Wireless Solutions Blue Tooth Tactical Sport High Noise Communications Headset (NRR 20)

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Mfg. Part No: mt16h21fws5u-584

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This Product is OSHA Compliant3M™ Peltor™ MT16H21FWS5U-584 Wireless Series WS Tactical Sport Bluetooth High Noise Communications Headset is designed to protect shooters and workers from hazardous noises such as gunfire and workplace noise while making it easy to communicate, listen to music, and talk on the phone, all in high level noise environments such as shooting ranges and workplaces.

The level-dependent surround sound amplifier built into the WS Tactical Sport improves your safety by helping you maintain situational awareness while you remain protected from dangerously loud noise. WS Tactical Sport amplifies low sounds such as voices and distant alarms while at the same time, limiting dangerously loud sounds so you always hear everything around you, at a safe maximum volume of 82 dB.

WS Tactical Sport also keeps you connected via bluetooth connections to smart phones and bluetooth enabled two-way radios. When not communicating, WS Tactical Sport supports music listening and receive only comm traffic via bluetooth connection, or via hardwire connections using either the J22 or 3.5mm stereo jacks on the headset. Using the J22 jack and an available PTT adapter, WS Tactical Sport can even be connected to your ICOM radio for expanded two way communications (PTT adapter and ICOM radios sold separately.)

One complaint we often hear from those who use OSHA compatible headsets to listen to music is that 82 dB is too low a volume to be enjoyable. WS Tactical Sport addresses this limitation in ordinary high noise headsets by giving you two options for volume limiting. First, you can set WS Tactical Sport to limit all the sounds to 82 dB. Alternatively, you can use the built-in dosimeter to monitor your total exposure, letting you play your music as loud as you like. On this setting, once you have reached the maximum safe dosage of noise exposure, the headset will tell you, and then automatically reduce the volume to prevent your exceeding the daily limit. The dosimeter then resets once each 24 hour period.

Taken together, and enhanced by the ergonomic, durable design, and many other advanced features, the WS Tactical Sport is the high noise communications headset you have been looking for.

WS Tactical Sport is an ideal solution for the workplace, home workshop, shooting range, hunting expeditions, construction, farmwork, lawncare, tree trimming, airport pushback operations, and other places were you need to be able to make and take phone calls and you want to be able to listen to music while remaining protected from dangerously loud noises, all without losing situational awareness. That is a lot to ask of any communications headset, but WS Tactical Sport delivers all that and more.

For detailed information download the user manual here.

WS Tactical Sport Bluetooth High Noise Communications Headset Features and Benefits:

  • NRR 20, noise protection for use in ambient noise environments up to 105 dB, and for shooting sports. (Dual protection (ear plugs worn under the headset) is recommended for indoor shooting and for high intensity outdoor practice, and/or for high caliber weapons shooting.)
  • Level-dependent surround sound amplifies low sounds like voices (so you hear better with the headset on than with your open ear) while limiting dangerously loud sounds to a safe 82 dB. You hear everything for maximum situational awareness while remaining protected from dangerously loud noise.
  • Bluetooth enabled to let you connect to smartphones for telephone communications in high noise environments. A built in ambient mic on the bottom of the right ear cup picks up your voice. If your model is equipped with the noise canceling boom mic, ambient sound is rejected, allowing communications in much louder environments (boom mic is included with the WS100 model and available as an add-on for the WS Tactical Sport. Order model MT53N-12)
  • Use Bluetooth to play music from your smartphone. When a call comes in, the music is turned down until call completion when it resumes the volume at which you had it set.
  • Choice of music sound limits: Set to 82 dB max, or Set to Dosimeter that lets you turn the volume as loud as you like, but then tells you when you have reached the maximum safe noise dose and then reduces the volume to keep you safe. Resets each 24 hours.
  • Listen to audio from scanners, two way radios (listen only), ipod, and other mp3 players using bluetooth or a 3.5mm standard stereo patch cable (3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cable included. Other cables sold separately.)
    • FL6H (J22 to 3.5 mm mono)
    • FL6M (J22 to 2.5 mm mono)
    • FL6N (J22 to 3.5 mm stereo)
  • Connect via patch cable and J22 jack on the ear cup, with your ICOM radio for two way radio communications (PTT cable and ICOM radios sold separately.)
    • TAMT06 (Audio cord for two-way communication connecting to your ICOM radio. Cord has push-to-talk button (PTT) and inline microphone with J22 headset connection)
  • WS100 comes with black ear cups only. WS Tactical Sport comes with ear cup covers in orange for safer hunting and high visibility on the job, and green for other applications as you may prefer.
  • Replacement ear pads are available to keep your headset in great working order. When you need them, order HY68 SV Hygiene kit.
  • Headband pad available to help fit the headband to smaller heads. Order HY400.
  • Voice notifications let you make adjustments and bluetooth connections without removing the headset.
  • Powered by two AAA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries (batteries and charger included.)
  • Battery Life: With Surround + Bluetooth (active) >12h, With Surround only and Bluetooth Off >80h
  • Manufacturer's Warranty (see user manual at link above.)

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