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OSHA Compliant: What the Seal Means

OSHA Compliant: What the Seal Means
The term "OSHA Compliant" is defined by Ear Plug Superstore, and we display the seal to help our customers choose an appropriate headset or other device for use in a high noise work environment. Our criteria for earning the seal are two-fold. First, the product must have an NRR rating. Second, the product must have a built-in electronic circuit that either limits the volume delivered to the ear to no more than 85 dB, or a noise dose monitor that automatically reduces the volume when the maximum safe noise dose has been reached.

OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) does not approve, certify or otherwise endorse any HPD (hearing protective device).

OSHA regulates workplaces across The United States with the goal of making sure workers have a safe and healthy working environment. Part of regulating the workplace is insuring employers provide adequate protection from noise so that workers do not experience NIHL (noise induced hearing loss) as a result of their employment. Our seal is designed to alert workers and safety compliance officers that these devices will protect against ambient noise up to a maximum determined by the NRR rating of the device, and that the device will protect the worker from NIHL caused by inadvertently playing music or other sounds at too high a volume.

In determining if a product meets our criteria, we rely on specifications published by the manufacturer. If you need additional information regarding our use of the "OSHA Compliant" seal or if you have specific questions regarding any of our products, please contact us by email at .