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Perfect-Fit™ Model AF Custom-Fit Natural Sound Ear Plugs (One Pair)

Perfect-Fit Model AF Custom-Fit Natural Sound Ear Plugs (One Pair)

Perfect-Fit Model AF Custom-Fit Natural Sound Ear Plugs (One Pair)Perfect-Fit Model AF Custom-Fit Natural Sound Ear Plugs (One Pair)
NOTE: This product has been discontinued. For alternatives, please consider Perfect Fit CMP, Westone ES49, or Westone Tru.

The "Canal-Only" Style of the Model AF ear plugs and DisappEar color option give you the closest you can get to an invisible ear plug. A great choice for everyone who loves to go to clubs and concerts, but who wants a natural sound hearing protector they can wear without attracting unwanted attention, like, "Dude! I didn't know you had a hearing aid!?"

Alpine is the primary provider of specialty hearing protection devices throughout Europe, and now the benefits of the unique Alpine Tuned Acoustic Filter system are available in the US through Ear Plug Superstore! The unique Alpine Tuned Acoustic Filter System provides hearing protection that is tuned to your specific application through selection of one of five different filters. By closely following the frequency response of the human ear, Alpine noise filters turn down the volume of the noise you hear without distorting the quality of the sound you hear. That means you will be able to hear the sounds you need to hear, accurately and comfortably, while still getting the protection you need from dangerous or disturbing environmental noises.

Custom Natural Sound Ear Plugs: Model ER vs Model AF
We also offer our Perfect-Fit™ Model ER and Westone Model 49 Natural Sound ear plugs, both of which feature the Etymotic Research (ER) acoustic filters, the most popular natural sound solution in the US. The ER filters offer a little more accuracy in sound than do the Alpine Filters used in our Model AF, however you may find the benefits of our Model AF outweigh the slightly higher sound accuracy of the ER filters. Model ER plugs come with two drawbacks: (1) the ER filters are large and cannot be hidden in the ear canal, and (2) the ER filters are available only in three variations.

The Model AF addresses both of these problems: (1) Alpine's Tuned Acoustic Filters are tiny, so they can be installed in even the smallest canals for the least conspicuous solution possible, and (2) Alpine's Tuned Acoustic Filters are available in five different attenuation levels for the greatest flexibility, so you can choose a solution that accurately fits your unique hearing protection needs. Please note: our top recommendation for professional musicians are the ER filter models. For all other applications, we believe both types of filters offer excellent results.

Alpine Tuned Acoustic Filters are installed in your Perfect-Fit™ Model AF Ear Plugs when they are made so they are shipped to you ready to use. Alpine Tuned Acoustic Filters are then interchangeable; one set of filters may subsequently be changed out for a different set of filters at any point. If you later decide you want a different set of filters, you can order replacement filters separately and install them yourself. Alternatively, you can send your Perfect-Fit™ Model AF Ear Plugs to us, and we will change the filters for you at no charge.

To select the most appropriate set of filters for your application, please refer to the chart below:


Recommended Filter
According to the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research

White F10 Red F8 Green F7 Blue F6 Yellow F4
Heavy Industry   X      
Light Industry       X  
Metal Processing   X X    
Timber Industry     X X  
Printing Works         X
Pile Driving X        
Construction Work     X X  
Transport Industry       X  
Sleeping     X    
(For Sleeping Partner)
Shooting X        
Music       X  
DIYs     X X  
High Pressure Cleaners X X      
Motor Cyclist
(Wind Noise)
  X X    
Concentrated Study X X      
Lawn Mowing       X  

See the chart below for attenuation levels at various frequency intervals:

Attenuation at Various Frequencies
for each of the five different filters
Filter Model SNR 125 Hz 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
White F10 26 25.8 26.2 26.9 28.8 34 39.3 39
Red F8 25 17.8 19.7 22.2 26 32.8 35.4 39.1
Green F7 23 15.1 16.9 20.2 26.2 31.6 32.8 36.8
Blue F6 18 6.8 9.7 14.9 21.7 301 32.7 34.4
Yellow F4 14 2.1 3.9 101 181 29.4 30.1 32.4
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Perfect-Fit Model AF Custom-Fit Natural Sound Ear Plugs (One Pair)
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