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Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)

Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)

Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)
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Mfg. Part No: ES49

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NOTE: This Product Requires Ear Impressions. A do-it-yourself impression kit is available as an option, or you can obtain ear impressions locally. Please View Instructions Before You Purchase This Product.

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Westone Style ES49 custom musicians ear plugs have been the first choice of performing musicians around the world for decades. The Etymotic Research acoustic filters installed in your Westone Style ES49 musicians ear plugs let you protect your hearing, but without distortion, so you can still enjoy the music and clearly understand the words you hear.

Over the years Westone Style ES49 musicians ear plugs have grown in popularity with concert attendees, music teachers, DJs, flight attendants, bartenders, waitresses, dentists, dental workers, and many others who need to be able to clearly hear but still must have noise protection. Westone Style ES49 musicians ear plugs are canal-only ear plugs that are virtually unnoticeable in your ears. The acoustic filters are user-changeable and one set of filters is included with your purchase of the Westone Style ES49 musicians ear plugs. The filters come in three attenuation levels: 9, 15, or 25 dB filters. For most performing musicians and most general noise users, we recommend the 15 dB filters. For vocalists, we recommend the ER-9 filters. Drummers and heavy industry workers will especially benefit from the ER-25 filters.

Perfect-Fit™ Model CMP custom ear plugs are similar to Westone Style ES49, except that the Model ER is made in a half shell with embeded filters, while the Style ES49 are made canal only with the filters snapped into the end of the molds. Both are secure, but the Style ES49 is a slimmer style while the Model ER offers more protection for the filters. Style ES49 also includes a set of solid filters (a $9.95 value).

Westone Style ES49 Filter Attenuation Chart

The filters are easily changed, and we sell the filters separately should you need the flexibility provided by different attenuation levels. We also include a solid set of filters which give you over 30 dB of attenuation. Though the solid filters are not distortion free, they give you the option of converting your Style ES49 ear plugs into solid custom fit ear plugs which have many uses.

The Oto-Blast silicone material we use in making your Style ES49 musicians ear plugs is soft and comfortable for long duration wear, can be easily cleaned with warm soap and water, and with proper care will last for years of daily use.

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Item No: awemusicfilterea-000

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10-49$28.00Save 7%
50+$27.00Save 10%
Current Price: $30.00


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Item No: awetrusolidfltpr-000

Product Reviews for Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)

Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)5DylanJanuary 19, 2018I've tried a lot of musicians earplugs, but keep coming back to the Westones. I am a musician (guitarist/singer) and bought my first pair in the early 2000s. I've either lost or worn out several pairs over the years. I just save the impressions I made with the earplug superstore and send them back an they make me a new set in about 2 weeks or so when I need them. I think I may be on my fourth or fifth set. All the universal fit ones really don't work well for me at all. These sound the most natural and are the most comfortable fit, since they ARE my ear canal! Will be back again
Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)5GarretJuly 10, 2017I have used these same plugs for years. My original set was not fitting as well due to change in my ears. I use both the 15db and 25db filters depending on the playing situation. Drumming is so much more fun when I know I'm not going to have a sound hangover afterwards. I highly recommend having an audiologist doing your impressions as I have done both times. Peace of mind knowing that it is getting done perfectly and safely the first time. My two cents.
Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)5AnnSeptember 18, 2016I am really happy with these. They fit well, and that is a challenge--I have really small ear canals. I used them to go to a rock concert; I have recently developed hearing issues so good protection for my remaining hearing is super important. I would buy again.
Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)5AndrewAugust 21, 2015These custom plugs are the best ear plugs to invest in. Comfortable, discrete and ability to change filter to my needs. Thank you!
Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)5DanielMay 26, 2015This is my first experience with custom ear plugs. The sound is incredible--none of the distortion I have tolerated from the wax plugs or ear muffs I've used in the past. Almost like they aren't there, except that everything is quieter! Fit is outstanding. They slide right in and stay comfortably in place. I chose to make my own molds. It took about 5 tries, but Earplug Store sent extra material when I needed it, and were able to give a lot of guidance based on pictures I sent them. I use the 15 db in a carpeted band room, with full kit and amplified instruments. Works great.
Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)5shanie f BelfermanJune 9, 2014it was easy to make the impression.. the final product feels like the perfect fit.. could not be happier with this product!!!
Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)4steph812May 28, 2013After a hassle trying to make the impressions at home (I would recommend having them professionally done), I was told that my ear canals were too small for the type of filters I wanted. I was disappointed, although I am quite pleased after having a chance to use them in a challenging environment (Mahler 5th Symphony with the trumpets directly behind me). While they are not as easy/fast to get in and out as the one-size fits all high fidelity plugs I was using before, I am happier with the performance of these. I got the 25 dB filters, and quite honestly, I wish 30 was available. I still thought the volume was a little loud at times. I am a professional bassoonist, and hearing loss is an occupational hazard. I am happy with the results, but if I could do it over again, I would probably go to an audiologists office to have impressions made, and a consultation about which ear plugs/filters would be best for me, rather than accepting a compromise (because of my small ear canals) without being fully educated about the options.
Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)5zacHApril 2, 2013I am so very glad I finally sprung for these ear plugs! I kept trying to justify the price to myself for years, as I drummed in a plethora of different-style bands. I finally caved because I was tired of being at a show (my own or someone else's) and trying to easily remove and re-insert my foam earplugs. Really not easy to do once they're warm from being in your ear! I did try some cheap rubber flanged ones as well, but I found them to be very uncomfortable... and both options seemed to muffle sound quite a bit. The Westones are doing an excellent job in pretty much every respect: I got them with a connecting cord, so they're incredibly easy to pop in and out without worrying about losing them; they're molded to my ears, so they're quite comfortable (especially with the Slic-Sil coating, which I'm also glad I chose); and even with the 25db filters (the maximum blockage offered), I really do feel that the music around me is quieted without being nearly so muffled. I am hearing the vocals and other instrumentation much better through the drums now. I am considering getting an extra pair of less-blocking filters for when I do solo guitar performances, but for my drumming gigs I'm quite pleased with the 25s. I'd also mention that I did open-mouth (bite block) impressions because I sing sometimes as well; If you're not at all planning to sing I would do a closed-mouth impression, as the plugs will be more comfortable in general that way. A closed-mouth grin does feel sort of weird with mine in, but it's certainly not painful or anything. Finally just wanted to say thanks to the site for being so helpful! I was really nervous about doing my impressions and getting everything shipped, but the customer service was very friendly. Get a friend to help you with impression making and it will be way easier than you have built it up in your head! I watched a lot of videos before and that helped me a lot. :) Thanks guys!
Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)5Jon LandyOctober 11, 2011These plugs are great! I have tough-to-fit ears apparently, and these are the only plugs I have ever used that are comfortable after the first 15 minutes of wear. I have tried all manner of plugs- foam, swimmers, wax mold, bell-shaped, and none has ever been comfortable after the first 15 minutes. The tine bones in my ears would get very sore, and I would inevitably end up removing the plugs (and then paying the price in ringing ears). The sonic fidelity of the filters on these plugs is great, too. It is hard to describe, but when the dB level is evenly reduced, you don't feel like you are missing any of the music. Most regular plugs simply suppress way too much of the harmonic spectrum, making you feel like you are listening underwater. As a player, I don't know how I got by without these for so long. Also, the customer service at Earplugstore is fantastic! Even after carefully following the directions for making the ear impressions, I was unsure that my impressions were adequate. I simple took pictures of them and submitted them by email, and within a few hours got the reply back that one of them was definitely not usable. The rep then asked me how many more kits I thought I would need to fix the issue and get a good mold (which she explained how to do in detail so I would be able to correct the problem) and then sent them to me at no extra charge. I cannot rate their customer service any higher! Excellent vendor, excellent product! If you are a musician, spend the money and save (what's left of) your hearing, and get these plugs. I got the 15 dB filters and they work just fine for me, and I play in a fairly loud rock band.
Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)5CraigMay 10, 2011This is my 2nd pair of Westone Ear Plugs. Got the -15db filter, and they are fantastic. I leave the gig without having my ears feel as if they were "assaulted". Making the impressions was simple, with a little help from an assistant, and the service from the Earplug Store was excellent! 5 Stars!!
Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters (One Pair)5Marc DanaDecember 3, 2010I've owned a pair of these with the 9db filters for two years. I can't say better things about this product. They prevent me from walking away from rehearsals with a headache. They don't detract from what I should be hearing, infact they actually improve my ability to hear the middle voices which can get lost in my groups due to instrumentation. They take a little getting used to when I'm playing my horn, but nothing that can't be practiced through.

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