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Child Swim Protection Pack
Try the Products in This Pack to Find the Best Water Earplugs and Accessories for Your Kids.

Child Swimming Protection Pack

This item has been discontinued. Find other money-saving assortment packs here.

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Every day we are asked which is the best ear plug for swimming, and we honestly can tell you that every ear plug we sell has a bunch of devoted users! There is so much variability in what people like that we cannot tell you which size or shape or style you will like best, or which will work best for you or your kids.

For those who want to narrow the search, we have put together two swimming sampler packs (one for adults and one for children) that include a variety of earplugs and accessories that we really like. We have substantially discounted these packs even more than our regular low superstore prices so that you can afford to try all these great products.

Once you have the Got Ears?® Child Swimming Protection Pack or the Got Ears?® Adult Swimming Protection Pack in hand, you can easily find out which ones you like best, then if you need more of any product in the pack, you can find them all sold separately here at Ear Plug SuperStore.

Both packs contain moldable silicone ear plugs, pre-molded reusable silicone ear plugs and a kit from which you can make your own custom molded floatable swimming earplugs, plus a couple of water removal products.

Got Ears?® Child Swimming Protection Pack Contents: Got Ears?® Child Swimming Protection Pack Is Recommended For:
  • Recreational swimmers, and surfers
  • Kids with a range of water related ear problems
  • Competitive swimmers and swim teams in schools, churches and YMCAs

Child Swimming Protection Pack
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