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Got Ears?® Brand Challenger Universal Fit Isolation Earphones

Got Ears? Brand Challenger Universal Fit Isolation Earphones

This item has been discontinued. Don't panic! The original custom version is still available right here.

Try Universal Challenger Earphones before going full custom.

These are universal fit Challenger Isolation Earphones, which come with foam tips designed to fit virtually everyone, right out of the box. Our full custom Challenger earphones are enormously popular, and for good reason. Their sound quality is superb and sure to please any music lover; their physical design is smart and sturdy; and the custom earpieces provide sound isolation and an unbelievably good fit. The only difference between universal and custom Challenger earphones are the custom earpieces.

And now for the first time, you can try out the incredible audio of Challengers for yourself before opting to upgrade to a full custom fit.

Get great sound now; upgrade later.

Custom molded earphones can be expensive. So can top-quality earphones. So we know it can be daunting to take that plunge into getting full custom molds for your earphones. With these Challenger universal fit earphones, you can take it one step at a time. First, order these universal fit Challengers. Then try out the audio quality for yourself. When you fall in love with the audiophile-quality sound, you can upgrade those universal fit earphones to fully custom fitted earphones, created to fit your unique ears precisely. Just order these universal Challengers now, enjoy, and contact us whenever you're ready to step up to optimum sound quality and sound isolation.

The custom fit is a serious upgrade. With the custom earpieces, you will be able to hear music and voices with even more detail and nuance, letting you get the crystal clear sound that exacting audiophiles demand. Custom ear molds make a big difference. And the improved fit from the custom molds is incredible - it's so good, you can even wear custom Challengers while swimming. Yes, seriously.

Another nice benefit to these universal Challengers is that, unlike the full-custom Challenger earphones, these universal fit Challengers may be returned (restock fee applies) in the unlikely case that you don't love them.

Challenger Earphone Features

Advanced Design: The custom molded silicone earpieces fully enclose top quality industry standard Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers, so only a wire exits the ear cavity. The only outlet is the sound port delivering high quality sound directly into your ear canal.

Smart, Twisted Wires: Got Ears?® Challenger earphones feature an advanced wire design with a thin but very strong twisted pair upper wire that is flexible enough to comfortably route the wires over the ear or down from the ear. The thin, flexible upper wires greatly reduce micro-phonic transmission of unwanted noise into the earpieces making Challengers ideal for even the most active user. The wires may be repaired should any harm come to them (repairs generally run from $25 to $50, depending on what is wrong). We have customers with Challengers that are five years old and still going strong.

Audiophile-Quality Sound: Only the most discerning audiophile or professional musician will find anything lacking in these great earphones, and even they will not find much to complain about! For even better sound, we offer the option of adding a second driver to each earpiece, converting your single driver Challengers to dual driver earphones.

Foam Tips: Challenger Universal Fit Earphones come with foam tips. These simple ear tips are soft and comfortable, and fit most users. While nowhere near as good as a custom fit with custom molded earpieces, almost everyone will find these foam tips to be comfortable enough.

Warranty: Got Ears?® Challengers are backed by a 6 month manufacturer's warranty. The custom version also comes with a 90 day fit guarantee.

Many additional features are available from the custom version of these top-notch isolation earphones, such as customizable earpiece style including swirls, sparkles, or glow-in-the dark colors. Hocks acoustic filters may also be installed in the custom version, allowing for excellent situational awareness.

Got Ears?® Challenger Specifications

Got Ears?® Challenger Earphone Specifications
Frequency Response: 20Hz-16KHz
Sensitivity at 1 KHz: 98 dB SPL per 1 MV Input with Single Drivers, and 119 dB with Dual Drivers.
Impedance: 50 Ohms with Single Drivers, and 20 Ohms with Dual Drivers.
Maximum Safe Continuous Input: 3 V RMS
Weight:Less than 1 Ounce plus Ear Molds
Cord Supplied: 4' with 3.5 mm Standard 90 Degree Stereo Mini Plug, or as specified in the model description.

Got Ears? Brand Challenger Universal Fit Isolation Earphones
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