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Got Ears?® Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)

Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)

Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)
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NOTE: This Product Requires Ear Impressions. A do-it-yourself impression kit is available as an option, or you can obtain ear impressions locally. Please View Instructions Before You Purchase This Product.

These Got Ears?® Brand Challenger Custom Molded High-Performance Isolation Earphones are our top recommendation for anyone who wants to wear earphones while sleeping, while wearing a motorcycle helmet or during vigorous physical exercise. You can even swim with these earphones in place! Got Ears?® Challenger earphones work with smart phones, ipods, motorcycle comm systems, as listen only or you can choose to add the in-line mic and use your Challengers to talk on the phone. (Please note: the in-line mic is not available for the RH model.) They also work with all portable music players equipped with a standard 3.5mm plug, providing powerful bass and crisp, clear music across the audible spectrum, with 25+ dB of isolation that lets you escape into a world of your own music.

Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphone Features:
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"I have worn them on a few 500+ mile days (all interstate riding too) and it isn't until after 8 hours of wearing them that my ears get a little sore. I have sensitive ears and even the foam plugs bother me after a few hours. Having the ability to listen to tunes while droning along the interstate is priceless (insert your own credit card commercial here). One of the nicest things is that since the speakers sit embedded into the polymer and the sound is fed directly into your ear, I tend to keep the volume lower than with regular earphones. This saves my ears from too many decibels while still allowing me to listen to something other than my own thoughts..."
Challenger Custom Molded Earphones

Advanced Design: The custom molded silicone earpieces fully enclose top quality industry standard Knowles Balanced Armature Drivers, so only a wire exits the ear cavity. The only outlet is the sound port delivering high quality sound directly into your ear canal. The drivers are so well sealed inside the earpieces, and the custom molded earpieces seal your ears so well that you can even swim with your Got Ears?® Challengers in place! As a result, your Challengers will serve you well whether you use them in the comfort of your living room, while commuting to and from work, riding your motorcycle, flying on noisy airplanes or during vigorous exercise in a full sweat.

Smart, Twisted Wires: Got Ears?® Challenger earphones feature an advanced wire design with a thin but very strong twisted pair upper wire that is flexible enough to comfortably route the wires over the ear or down from the ear. The thin, flexible upper wires greatly reduce micro-phonic transmission of unwanted noise into the earpieces making Challengers ideal for even the most active user. A tensioning slider lets you snug the wires up behind your head for a neat look and secure fit even during robust physical exercise. The double insulated lower wire with a molded strain-relief 90 degree plug provides extra durability and strength that will stand up to even the most challenging environments. The wires are available only in black and are not user-replaceable. (If you should break a wire, repairs generally run from $25 to $50, depending on what is wrong. We have customers with Challengers over 5 years old that are still going strong.)

Audiophile-Quality Sound: Only the most discerning audiophile or professional musician will find anything lacking in these great earphones, and even they will not find much to complain about! For even better sound, we offer the option of adding a second driver to each earpiece, converting your single driver Challengers to dual driver earphones.

Quality Craftsmanship: Beginning with your ear impressions, professional lab techs fabricate your personal set of Challengers using heat cured silicone for maximum comfort and durability. The wires are attached to the drivers and then wrapped all the way around the drivers to improve wire tug resistance.

Style! Got Ears?® Challengers let you express your personal sense of style by choosing from 11 different colors, swirling 2-3 colors together, adding sparkles, and/or adding glow-in-the-dark enhancements.

Situational Awareness: For those who need to be able to hear warning sounds and carry on conversations while wearing your Challengers, we recommend adding the Hock's Noise Braker acoustic filter to your Challenger earphones. With the Hocks acoustic filters installed, the attenuation is reduced to an NRR of 19-21 dB (which provides noise protection up to 106 dB) while letting you carry on a face to face conversation (if you turn down your music volume, that is...) Hocks acoustic filters provide variable noise reduction that lets you clearly hear voices and other low level sounds, but increases in attenuation as the volume of noise increases, providing automatically increasing noise protection as you need it.

Warranty: Got Ears?® Challengers are backed by a 90 day fit guarantee and a 6 month manufacturer's warranty.

Choosing a Challenger Model

Got Ears?® Challenger full custom molded isolation earphones are available in four models:
  • Got Ears?® Challenger Model M (for maximum) features custom molded earpieces that fill your outer ear, and extend well into the canal, thereby offering the best noise attenuation, and making these Challengers an excellent choice for workplaces or anywhere you want the maximum in noise protection (NRR 28) Comes with 52" fixed cord with 90 degree stereo plug.
  • Got Ears?® Challenger Model S (for sleep) is designed to emphasize comfort, and features a "shelled out" earpiece with a thinner more flexible concave outer earpiece and medium canal for greater comfort during sleep or under a motorcycle helmet. Noise attenuation is estimated at 20-25 dB. Comes with 52" fixed cord with 90 degree stereo plug.
  • Got Ears?® Challenger Model RH (for racing harness) is designed to meet the specific requirements of race car drivers for a racing communications headset. The RH Model Challenger features full ear custom molds for maximum attenuation, 18" cords that are just the right length to reach the plug on the cockpit dashboard, and a straight 3.5mm mono plug.
  • Got Ears?® Challenger Model MH (for motorcycle helmet) is designed to conveniently attach to a helmet mounted motorcycle comm unit. The MH Model Challenger features a shelled out earpieces that fit comfortably under a helmet, a 19" cord with a straight 3.5mm standard stereo plug. Noise attenuation is estimated at 20-25 dB so you can still hear road sounds.
CAUTION: At 25+ dB of isolation, operating a vehicle or machinery can be dangerous because of the difficulty of hearing audio warning signals and alarms, especially while listening to music, which makes these sounds more difficult to hear. We encourage you to test your ability to hear warning signals and alarms before operating a vehicle or machinery, and do not wear this device if find that you cannot adequately hear.

Need Single-Ear Challengers? Single ear mono version also available. Please contact us for information.

Got Ears?® Challenger Specifications

Got Ears?® Challenger Earphone Specifications
Frequency Response: 20Hz-16KHz
Sensitivity at 1 KHz: 98 dB SPL per 1 MV Input with Single Drivers, and 119 dB with Dual Drivers.
Impedance: 50 Ohms with Single Drivers, and 20 Ohms with Dual Drivers.
Maximum Safe Continuous Input: 3 V RMS
Weight:Less than 1 Ounce plus Ear Molds
Cord Supplied: 4' with 3.5 mm Standard 90 Degree Stereo Mini Plug, or as specified in the model description.

Not ready to take the plunge? Get Universal Fit Challengers today and upgrade to full custom later.

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Product Reviews for Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)

Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5Suzie JonesAugust 8, 2019This is the third pair of ear plug I have had made from this company for the past 15 years. I am always impressed with them this time I bought the ones for motorcycle and sleep use...
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)4MitchOctober 5, 2018So far working great. Ears were a little sore after first time, but I go used to them very quickly. Outside wind noise is reduced dramatically, although not quite as reduced as I was hoping. However, I can hear my phone and GPS perfectly even doing 80mph on the highway.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)4James Smith JrAugust 16, 2018So far they are working very well. Mostly comfortable with a little irritation in the left ear after wearing all day on the road. May need a little adjustment which is offered by the makers.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5Andy H.March 27, 2018I've had these custom molded earplugs for over 10 years. They work, and sound, great. I use them often under my helmet on my motorcycle and plug them into my iPhone. The S model has a 52 inch cable which is plenty going enough for a iPhone mounted on a motorcycle. Also, I damaged one of the wires and sent them in for repairs. The repairs were done in a week or so and came back good as new.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5MColquittMarch 24, 2017I recently purchased a set of MH Ear molds with dual drivers and vents. Could not be happier with this product! The sound quality is superb and the "shelled out" molding is very comfortable. I don't need or want to shut out total ambient sound, so the vented molds give me music at a comfortable volume while still allowing enough ambient sound to feel safe, and they don't have that stopped up feeling that heavier, non vented models have. This is the second time I've dealt with Rebecca at the Ear Plug Store and her customer service is second to none!!
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5Roger KNovember 16, 2016This is my second set of Challengers, replaced after my first were just stolen while on a business trip to Brazil. I always loved the fit of the first set, and while I have not really worn the replacements much more than just checking when they came in, they feel just as comfortable. They are making the grips to remove them from my ear a little different, and in my opinion, better, then the ones I purchased 5 years ago. My ONLY complaint is that I wish there was a happy medium on cord length. The short ones are 16" and the long ones are 54" (or there abouts). If there were only a happy medium length of about 36" inches that would be better. I purchased the short length and use an extension cord if I am going to use them any other way than just putting in my chest pocket. otherwise the short length won't work for me. All in all, a nice set, well worth the price.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5GarySeptember 7, 2016These buds are great. Clear sound, and they are comfortable.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5Darrell LankfordSeptember 2, 2016If you play in a band and you're having a tough time blocking out your other band mate's instruments, these are the perfect buds for you. With my old buds, I could not keep out the excessive drums and bass, so I had to turn my guitar way up in my ear and this caused way too much humming in my ear after every time I was on stage. I emailed the EARPLUG Superstore, and they quickly directed me to the best and not the most expensive. The Challengers have made a big difference. The only down side I can say is with these being a silicone material, they have been a little difficult getting them in my ears, but it has been getting easier each time. They are great and I do highly recommend these.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5Greg TheriaultAugust 12, 2016My first pair of challenger earphones are 10 years old and were worn almost daily for motorcycle riding. They've given problem free service all that time but over 10 years the ear changes shape so they're not as quiet anymore. I had no question where I would get a replacement set. The new pair are comfortable and super quiet on my 45 minute highway commute. They're not inexpensive but you will not regret the investment!
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5RyanJune 25, 2016I've tried custom molded earphones from other manufacturers and not had much luck. Usually it was the cords that broke, or the speakers went out. I've had ones where the speakers were in the line and those didn't even last a few months. But so far these have been great!!! The fit is perfect for under the helmet, and the plugs don't have much sticking out of the ear so there is no increased pressure from the helmet. The sound quality is great too! I can hear the highs and mids with great bass balance. I use these every day on my motorcycle. I do have sensitive ears, so I had to cut them back a bit from going to far in, and once I did that they have been perfect. I can still hear some outside sounds, but I am 100% happy with these. I'm happy that they included a sample of the ear lubricant too. It really makes these a lot easier to get in and out of the ear. In four days I'll be taking these on a 4,000 mile ride, and I can't wait to really road test these babies!!!
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5Steve St.JeanMay 30, 2016I got a chance to ride with them yesterday. Fit is perfect, comfort is amazing, the ambient noise reduction is better than I expected, audio is good , but hard to critique when I'm using them for motorcycle riding. My primary objective in buying these was to minimize auditory damage that I knew I was subjecting myself to. With my regular ear buds, I would end up maxed out on volume at highway speed and with these I might hit 50%. If I ordered again I would get them with the breaker vent because they block so well you can't converse without popping one out. Once fully seated in your ear they won't come out accidently -you really need to work to remove them. Won't ever ride without them! Service was surprisingly fast too. I can't say enough good things about the product and service.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5RichardApril 18, 2016I'm on my second set of these wonderful ear plugs. My first set lasted many years and many, many off road miles in my helmet. The only reason I'm on a second set is that I managed to loose the first set. They're wonderful at suppressing outside sounds and the overall quality of the tunes I hear through them is great. Tough, long lasting and well worth the price of admission.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5JayAugust 23, 2015Great product and even better support. Good fit and the sound perfect. The folks at earplug superstore followed up at every stage and shipped as promised
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5bob zMay 7, 2015I have over 70K miles on these and just ordered a second back up pair. I wouldn't think of traveling any distance without these custom mold ear phones. It's a real pleasure & safety feature not to have to raise the volume to offset the wind noise the can be very loud of a motorcycle.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5Arodi ColvinSeptember 23, 2014My husband and I finally are sleeping in the same bedroom after 9 years. I do have to admit that I did have to get used to them. I bought them a year ago, (I think) but never used them because they would bother me after a few hours while reading a book so I never slept with them. I don't know what made me give them a try overnight but I am glad I did. It took me two weeks to get used to them. I did get a little bit of an irritation in my left outer ear but I put some Neosporin for a couple of nights and that solved the problem. I use the WhiteNoise App on my iPad. I listen to OceanWaves. I am assuming that the Earphones get softer after a few uses and that's what happened to me. I hope that this is a good review... I do recommend them for sleeping but make sure to give them a try for a few nights.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5Dan LJuly 13, 2014Got these prior to a 2 week 5600 mile trip from Colorado to Maine to Georgia and back so got to wear these over a few miles. Quite comfortable over the entire ride and in combination with my Shoei RF1100 helmet was quiet enough to be able to listen to music and audio books without having to turn it way up to overpower the wind noise. Very satisfied. Customer service was excellent and the build quality of the ear phones are top notch while being rugged enough to withstand 2 months (so far) of daily riding as well as the 2 week trip.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5RickMay 31, 2014This is the best money I've spent on motorcycling equipment. I echo what the other reviews said but I would also like to add that the customer service and attention to detail is by far the best. The communication and speed are superior and the product is just as good as it gets. I highly recommend the Earplug Superstore and the Challenger earphones to anyone thinking of getting custom fit earphones. Just do it and be done with painful, ill fitting and noisy earphones. Thank you Earplug Superstore and Amber for great customer service.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5JarnoDecember 30, 2013I always ride motorcycles with music and Brand Challenger earphones work great! I ride in Middle East and Europe and I use the model M. Here's what I noticed: For motocross these are just fantastic. In motocross you sweat heavily and before with other earphones, they simply just dropped off ear, so you did not hear bass anymore. With Brand Challenger no matter how much you sweat, they stay in. For enduro riding, where you might be communicating more with other riders. I keep other earphone in ear and other off. Still you hear music well with only other ear and can hear your friend when you stop and communicate. For on-road / dual sport riding if you feel discomfort, wiggle your helmet from top, so the earplugs adjust better inside the helmet. So for any type of motorcycling, these earphones work.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5ShueyOctober 31, 2013Superior to ANY in-helmet speakers. Period. Protect your hearing by cutting out road and background noise while being able to decrease the volume of your GPS, phone, detectors and/or MP3 or other music by 30%-60%. I've used them for over 6 years and don't ride without . . . plugging in!
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5Brian TookerMarch 4, 2013this is the 2nd pair of these headphones i've purchased, the 1st were lost in an accident, and i love them. i'm able to listen to music on my motorcycle without the volume being turned to max. these headphones cut the wind noise but still let me hear sirens. great product!!!
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)4ChrisSeptember 18, 2012Great isolation so you don't have to crank the volume to hear the low notes. Small and portable unlike bulky over the ear noise cancelling headphones. The only negative is they can become uncomfortable after prolonged use.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5BrettMarch 20, 2012I have tried all kinds of earphones and none of them work as good as these do. I race on stock cars and these are perfect. They cut down the noise of the engine and can hear the tower talk to us. Love Them!!!!!!
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)4TimAugust 29, 2011I have ordered molded ear plugs for work and love them. So Iordered these molded earphones for those long rides on my motorcycle. I love the sound quality and the fit, they are outstanding. The only thing I would change is the actual lebth of the cord, they just aren't long enough for me.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5MichelleJune 25, 2011I am so happy with these. Solved all my problems with earphones falling out or becoming uncomfortable after a short time. The process took longer than published, but the wait was worth it. The only thing I would change is holding my mouth slightly open when making the impressions in order to make them fit a bit more snug. Love 'em!
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5RichardApril 28, 2011These are very nice plugs! The fit is perfect. Sound deadening is excellent, and sound quality is spot on. I can hear everything in my race car's intercom system clearly and well. They don't sound bad at all with my I-pod either, which is a bonus. Usually custom plugs don't have any fidelity quality, these do.
Got Ears? Brand Challenger Custom Molded Isolation Earphones (NRR 28)5Chris BarattaJanuary 27, 2011Rating is a five out of five. Exellent, Thanks

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