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Challenger Custom Earphones Repair Services

Challenger Custom Earphones Repair Services

Product Number: lplchallengerrep-999Reviews:
Mfg. Part No: ge-challenger-repair

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Challenger custom earphones quit working? We can help.

Our Challenger repair service costs $25 minimum, which will cover the cost of cleaning the ear molds and sound channels, and repair of broken wires at the ear molds. If you need new components, we will let you know before we go forward with the repairs. The cost of each component is shown below. The extra component charges are in addition to the minimum service charge of $25.

Challenger Custom Earphones Repair Price List:
Service Charge

Minimum Service Charge ($25.00) Includes all the following:

  • Inspect and Test Earphones For Defects
  • Clean Earmolds and Sound Channels
  • Repair Broken Wires at Earpieces if Needed
Additional Charges for Component Repairs if Needed:
Replace Headphones Cable.
Replace Single-Driver in One Earpiece.
Replace Dual-Drivers in One Earpiece.

Remold Two Earpieces (Requires New Impressions).


This item is the repair service only. To buy a new set of Challengers, go here.

Product Reviews for Challenger Custom Earphones Repair Services

Challenger Custom Earphones Repair Services5Paul SkinnerAugust 11, 2017While not cheap, the new earmold speakers that I received are very professionally done. They used my old custom earmolds to create new ones, and implanted new drivers and a new cord. Overall, the new setup is better than the original was when new. I highly recommend this professional service.
Challenger Custom Earphones Repair Services5JerryJuly 13, 2016I have had these challenger ear plug since 2010 and they are great. I recently had the wires shortened to the 19" and they were done on time and work as good as new. You will not find better service anywhere.
Challenger Custom Earphones Repair Services5Romero MolinaJune 2, 2016Staff at store were great. They followed up on all inquiries and the work on my headphones was done promptly at a fair price. Glad I did not just throw away the earphones. They are good to go and hope go get many more years of enjoyment from them. Thanks
Challenger Custom Earphones Repair Services5StevenMay 28, 2016They did a beautiful job with my repair. Very professional and they are like new. A+ Not cheap, but quality.
Challenger Custom Earphones Repair Services5Brian CaseyAugust 29, 2015Noreen and the staff at Ear Plug Superstore were very helpful, and the whole process of getting my Challenger M earphones repaired was quick, efficient, and professional. I was very happy to be able to get the loose wire repaired instead of having to purchase a completely new set!

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