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SportEAR XTP X-Treme Passive Ear Muffs (NRR 24)

SportEAR XTP X-Treme Passive Ear Muffs (NRR 24)

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SportEAR X-Treme Passive ear muffs feature low profile, sculpted ear cups for minimal interference with an MRI head coil, or when used for shooting with a rifle or shotgun stock. Though originally intended for hunters/shooters, we highly recommend this ear muff for hearing protection during MRI scans. The fully adjustable padded headband and nicely padded ear cups provide all day comfort, so during your time in the MRI scan machine, you will barely know they are there, except for the reduction in the noise made by the machine.

The light weight SportEAR X-Treme ear muffs fold completely, making them easy to carry in a pocket or bag so you have them when you need them. At 24 NRR, SportEAR X-Treme ear muffs are an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor shooting practice, industrial workplaces up to 109 dB, home workshops, and MRI scans. These are the thinnest effective ear muffs we have found which makes SportEar X-Treme an excellent choice for MRI scans, especially when a head coil is going to be used.

Before purchasing for your personal use in an MRI scan, please contact the scan center to confirm that you will be allowed to bring your own.

Item No: marxtpshoot000ea-000