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Custom Ear Plug Oto-Block Foam Stops w/Removal String (Bag of 50)

Custom Ear Plug Oto-Block Foam Stops w/Removal String (Bag of 50)
Product Number: awefoamstop50ea0-999
Mfg. Part No: 20312


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Oto-Blocks are a critical component of the syringe method of making custom ear plugs used in the OCEPS⁜ process. The Oto-Block, which is a small foam stopper with a removal thread attached, is placed down in the ear canal to prevent the ear mold material from flowing too deeply into the canal. It also helps to fill the ear canal completely for a top performing custom ear plug.

We offer three sizes, but you can easily adjust the large size by simply trimming a bit off the foam to make it smaller when necessary. Alternatively, you can use two smaller stops together to plug a large canal when needed.

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