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OCEPS™ On-Site Custom Ear Plug System FAQ

OCEPS™ On-Site Custom Ear Plug System FAQ
OCEPS™ On-Site Custom Ear Plug System enables anyone to economically and efficiently outfit your workforce, club membership or client base with high quality full custom ear plugs on site and in real time. Using OCEPS™ you can produce top quality full custom ear plugs, while eliminating the hassles, delays and high cost of obtaining lab made custom ear plugs. For entrepreneurs who want to launch a business providing custom ear plugs to shooters, bikers, employee groups at local industrial companies, and others at gunshows, ralleys, tradeshows and other events, OCEPS™ offers the ideal solution, and Ear Plug Superstore is your one-stop source for everything you need. Below are answers to most of the questions related to OCEPS™. More questions? Email us at . Click Here to Order Now.

How does OCEPS™ work?

OCEPS™ specifies the syringe method of making custom ear plugs. You first place a foam stop in the ear canal which prevents the material from flowing too far into the canal and helps to insure the canal is fully filled. With the foam stops in place, you mix equal parts of the two materials in the kit, put them into a plastic tipped syringe, and inject the material into each ear. Once the material sets up in 5-10 minutes, remove the plugs, trim them up, attach a cord if you like and you are done.
See detailed instructions. (will open in a new window.)

How are OCEPS™ ear plugs different from other ear plugs?

OCEPS™ ear plugs are far better than ordinary DIY custom ear plugs which use the "hand pack" method. In the hand pack method you just shove material into the canal until you think it is time to stop. The hand pack method produces an inconsistent result because there is no way to insure the ear canal is properly filled. Unless the ear canal is properly filled, you will get a much lower level of noise protection than is desirable. With OCEPS™, you will use the syringe method, insuring the canal is always properly filled, and thereby providing high quality noise protection you can count on every time you wear the ear plugs.

OCEPS™ ear plugs are far better than off the shelf foam and reusable ear plugs as well. The cost of disposable foam ear plugs, assuming just a couple of pairs per workday, exceeds $50 a year per person. In addition, off the shelf ear plugs rarely provide the level of noise protection they are rated for because the ratings are attainable only by well trained and highly motivated users. With OCEPS™ your ear plugs will be properly made to fit each individual perfectly every time, and as a result to always deliver effective hearing protection you can count on. As a bonus, OCEPS™ will save a significant amount of money. A pair of OCEPS™ ear plugs costs from under $10 to about $13, depending on how much material you order at a time. Add to these benefits, the elimination of all the trash that is generated by disposable ear plugs and the OCEPS™ choice is clear.

Lab made custom ear plugs are also a great option...if you can afford them. At $120 or more per pair, lab made custom ear plugs perform every bit as good as do OCEPS™ ear plugs, plus, lab made ear plugs have a more refined finish and a nicer appearance. At under $10 per pair, though, OCEPS™ ear plugs, which provide just as good a fit and noise protection that is equivalent to lab made custom ear plugs, are the clear choice for anyone on a budget. In addition lab made ear plugs require that you first make ear impressions on-site, then send them in and wait for a couple of weeks to get your finished ear plugs back from the lab. With OCEPS™ you get your ear plugs in about 10 minutes, right on site.

Do I Need Training to Make Custom Ear Plugs?

Though we provide detailed illustrated instructions, we highly recommend that whoever is going to use OCEPS™ to make ear plugs, receive proper training before making any ear plugs. Such training can be readily obtained from an EENT physician or from a licensed Audiologist. If you decide to acquire training for your personnel or for yourself, you will need to contact a qualified professional in your local area.

What Equipment and Supplies Do I Need?

  • OCEPS™ VPS (vinylpolysiloxane.) This two-part silicone material comes in two 8 ounce jars with dispensing spoons, per kit, enough to make from 20 to 30 pairs of full custom ear plugs. Available in many colors (One color to a kit.)
  • Nitrile Gloves. We do not recommend vinyl or rubber medical gloves because some of these can cause the VPS material to remain soft and not set up properly.
  • Oto-Blocks. These come in three sizes, 50 per pack. You will use at least two per pair of ear plugs made. You never know in advance which sizes you will need, so we recommend that you have plenty of each size.
  • Plastic Syringe, 30-35ML, with plastic Tip. To be ultra conservative, you may use a new syringe with each person, however, wiping the tip between uses with an alcohol wipe is sufficient to prevent spreading infections.
  • Alcohol Wipes to clean the syringe between uses and to clean the ear plugs when first molded.
  • Screw-In Lanyards. You will need one per set of ear plugs if you intend to provide a connecting lanyard. The lanyard helps prevent losing a plug, but they are optional and can be added at any time after the ear plugs have set up. You just screw them into each plug.
  • Removal Handles. These small handles can be screwed into the completed ear plugs or molded into the plugs before they set up to help make it easier to insert and remove the plugs. If desired, you can attach a cord to these handles instead of using the screw in lanyards.
  • Carry Case. We offer a good sized sturdy squeeze to open case that will accommodate all sizes of custom ear plugs. We recommend you provide one with each set of plugs you make.
  • Oto-Scope. Otoscopes can cost well over a hundred dollars, which is justified when used to examine the ear drum. However, you will simply be using the ear light on the scope to make sure the ear canal is clean and ready, so our inexpensive Otoscope is the ideal economy solution if you do not already have one.
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Who Should Consider Adopting OCEPS™?

OCEPS™ was created to specifically serve the following:

  • Manufacturing, processing, extraction and construction firms with 10 or more employees who are working in noise environments where hearing protection is required.
  • Police and military organizations with staff who need ear plugs for frequent shooting and tactical practice.
  • Shooting ranges and shooting clubs who want to offer a premium value-added service to members.
  • Independent entrepreneurs who want to make custom ear plugs for their clients at motor sports and shooting events as well as making them for local manufacturing and processing business employees.
  • Race track operators, NASCAR teams, racing clubs, and motorcycle clubs.

What are the Benefits of Adopting OCEPS™?

Clearly OCEPS™ will save you money if you need to provide ear plugs to a group of people. That is just the beginning of the benefits though. With OCEPS™, you will also get much better compliance. Employees will no longer complain that the plugs hurt their ears so they will wear them all the time, as they are supposed to. Fit will no longer be an issue. OCEPS™ ear plugs simply fit right. Every time. Ear infections from having to roll the plugs, often with unsanitary hands, will also be reduced, as will all the trash that inevitably accompanies disposable ear plug programs.

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OCEPS™ On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit
OCEPS™ On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit
10 Reviews

OCEPS™ On-Site Custom Ear Plug System trial kit is designed to let you evaluate the OCEPS™ system at your location, but without the commitment of having to buy a full set of materials and supplies. If you just need one or two sets of custom ear plugs, the OCEPS™ trial kit will provide you with everything you need to make your own personal set of custom ear plugs.

QuantityPrice per Item
10+$27.00Save 10%
Current Price: $29.95
OCEPS™ Group Starter Pack (Complete Materials & Supplies for 25-30 Pairs)
OCEPS™ Group Starter Pack (Complete Materials & Supplies for 25-30 Pairs)

OCEPS™ Group Starter Pack includes everything you need to make your first 25 to 30 pairs of full custom ear plugs.

OCEPS™ VPS (Vinylpolysiloxane) Permanent Silicone Custom Ear Plug Molding Kit (16 ounces per kit, enough to make 25-30 pairs of custom ear plugs)
OCEPS™ VPS (Vinylpolysiloxane) Permanent Silicone Custom Ear Plug Molding Kit (16 ounces per kit, enough to make 25-30 pairs of custom ear plugs)
3 Reviews

OCEPS™ VPS Permanent Silicone Custom Ear Plug Molding Kit is the heart of the OCEPS™ On-Site Custom Ear Plug System, a true breakthrough innovation brought to you exclusively by Ear Plug Superstore.

QuantityPrice per Item
3+$175.00Save 12%
Current Price: $200.00