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OCEPS™ On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit

OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit

Product Number: cepocepstrialkit-00zReviews:
Mfg. Part No: GE OCEPS TP

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OCEPS™ On-Site Custom Ear Plug System trial kit is designed to let you evaluate the OCEPS™ system at your location, but without the commitment of having to buy a full set of materials and supplies. If you just need one or two sets of custom ear plugs, the OCEPS™ trial kit will provide you with everything you need to make your own personal set of custom ear plugs.

For those who are going to be using OCEPS™ to make custom ear plugs for others in the workplace, at a shooting range, motorcycle rally, race track or other public or private location, we recommend that you obtain training from a local audiologist or EENT physician. If you need assistance in acquiring training, we will be happy to provide a referral to a qualified trainer. Just let us know and we will refer you: .

For more information, see: Got Ears?® OCEPS™ Instructions or our OCEPS™ FAQ

OCEPS™ On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit Contents:

  • Two sets of OCEPS™ VPS silicone material, enough to make two pairs of full-ear custom ear plugs.
  • Two pairs of Oto-Blocks in each of three sizes: Small, Medium and Large, which let you plug the canal so that VPS material cannot go deeper than you want.
  • Two Q-Tips to be used to place the Oto-Blocks in each ear.
  • One plastic tipped syringe that allows you to accurately and safely flow the VPS material into the ear, forming a perfect custom ear plug.
  • One single use packet of Oto-Ease custom ear plug lubricant.
  • One premium Got Ears?® squeeze-to-open custom ear plug storage/carry pouch

View the OCEPS™ Full On-Site Custom Ear Plug System

 OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System
OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System

Order OCEPS™ components and accessories including handles, pouches, lanyards, VPS material and more. Learn how OCEPS™ lets you produce top quality full custom ear plugs, while eliminating the hassles, delays and high cost of obtaining lab made custom ear plugs.

Product Reviews for OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit

OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit5RandySeptember 23, 2019Ear Plug Trial kit worked very well. Placed the product in the Refrigerator and had plenty of work time before it started to harden. Used my ear plugs at an event that lasted three long days. Ear Plugs were very comfortable. Color was flesh tone, wish I could get the Trial Kit in other colors. Great Product and will buy again.
OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit4Trish 50August 26, 2019I think this kit would be great if you are going to make molds for others. I had two problems. First getting the syringe in my ear by myself was difficult. Second Rignt out of the refrigerator every thing went well but, when I tried a second time 20 min later in a 70 degree room, the putty just would not flow out of the syringe. Sets really fast!
OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit5RobAugust 11, 2018I was tired of my ear buds slipping out while windsurfing. I molded the silicone around a set of earbuds. I was happy with the results, kept the water out and minimized the wind noise so I didn't have to turn the volume up high to hear my music.
OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit5BrettNovember 20, 2017This is the best DIY value out there and the finished product is comforable and quiet. Read the instructions - if the product is too warm when you start you will need to act very fast and be strong enough to push the plunger.
OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit2DanielOctober 4, 2017Was unable to make earplugs due to how fast the material cured. Had my son help me. We couldn't do it fast enough to inject material into the ear canal. Material set up so fast we couldn't get it out of the plastic plunger. Kit came with everything needed. But the silicone material was basically unusable. Was a disappointment.
OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit2Frank GalinAugust 7, 2015Disappointed on how fast medium set up. Need 1 minute longer to stay soft, couldn't get last 3 cc to come out of syringe. Need to put warning in instruction on how fast this compound sets up.
OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit5SteveApril 24, 2015Worked fine for me, did it all by myself. I made a prosthetic to apply pressure to the ear canal after an accident caused some nerve damage. I couldn't find anyone to make one, everybody was selling hearing aids for major $$$$. Hear fine now for
OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit5MichelleDecember 9, 2014I have been using these for years now,having been done at special dog ate my set so I needed another and found out I could do it myself my husband and I did it and it worked great just like the ones I got from the show for a lot less great product
OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit4Gordon ThompsonDecember 5, 2014Overall the instructions were good and the process went well. A friend helped. We were both a little surprise at how fast the product set up and will do better the next time. I think the lanyard is just about a must as I don't want to remove the plugs temporarily into a grimy pocket. I would like to have been prompted to order that as part of the order process. I plan to order a couple of lanyards and a second "squeeze box" soon.

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