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OCEPS™ On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit

OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit

Product Number: cepocepstrialkit-00z
Mfg. Part No: GE OCEPS TP

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OCEPS™ On-Site Custom Ear Plug System trial kit is designed to let you evaluate the OCEPS™ system at your location, but without the commitment of having to buy a full set of materials and supplies. If you just need one or two sets of custom ear plugs, the OCEPS™ trial kit will provide you with everything you need to make your own personal set of custom ear plugs.

For those who are going to be using OCEPS™ to make custom ear plugs for others in the workplace, at a shooting range, motorcycle rally, race track or other public or private location, we recommend that you obtain training from a local audiologist or EENT physician. If you need assistance in acquiring training, we will be happy to provide a referral to a qualified trainer. Just let us know and we will refer you: .

For more information, see: Got Ears?® OCEPS™ Instructions or our OCEPS™ FAQ

OCEPS™ On-Site Custom Ear Plug System Trial Kit Contents:

  • Two sets of OCEPS™ VPS silicone material, enough to make two pairs of full-ear custom ear plugs.
  • Two pairs of Oto-Blocks in each of three sizes: Small, Medium and Large, which let you plug the canal so that VPS material cannot go deeper than you want.
  • Two Q-Tips to be used to place the Oto-Blocks in each ear.
  • One plastic tipped syringe that allows you to accurately and safely flow the VPS material into the ear, forming a perfect custom ear plug.
  • One single use packet of Oto-Ease custom ear plug lubricant.
  • One premium Got Ears?® squeeze-to-open custom ear plug storage/carry pouch

View the OCEPS™ Full On-Site Custom Ear Plug System

 OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System
OCEPS On-Site Custom Ear Plug System

Order OCEPS™ components and accessories including handles, pouches, lanyards, VPS material and more. Learn how OCEPS™ lets you produce top quality full custom ear plugs, while eliminating the hassles, delays and high cost of obtaining lab made custom ear plugs.

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