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Moldex Hygiene Kit 6135 for Moldex MX-6 Earmuffs

Moldex Hygiene Kit 6135 for Moldex MX-6 Earmuffs
Product Number: anshyg6135mx6ea0-000
Mfg. Part No: 6135

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Moldex Hygiene Kit 6135 is for the Moldex MX-6 Earmuff.

Instead of replacing your worn Moldex MX-6 Earmuffs, consider getting this hygiene kit instead. The kit includes a pair of waffled foam insets and a pair of ear cushions, giving you the parts you need to easily refresh and rejuvenate the MX-6 Earmuff. Why replace the whole earmuff when you can just replace the parts you need? Keep your costs down and increase the lifespan of your Moldex earmuffs with this hygiene kit.

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