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Macks Hi-Fi Hear Plugs Natural Sound Musicians' Earplugs (NRR 12)

Mack's Hi-Fi Hear Plugs Natural Sound Musicians' Earplugs

This item has been discontinued. Get the NEW Mack's Hear Plugs here.

Mack's Hear Plugs use patented filter technology to replicate the natural response of the ear canal so that sound is not muffled and music is heard clearly, but at a safer, reduced volume. Hear Plugs are available in a standard size (white color) that fits most adults.  Mack's Hear Plugs provide protection from harmful noise while allowing the user to hear full range of sound without muffling or distortion. Includes one pair of Hear Plugs (NRR 12).

Mack's Hear Plugs: Professional Quality Musician's Protection
With a convenient removable neck cord and a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 12 decibels, Mack's Hear Plugs are perfect for concerts, jam sessions, nightclubs, sporting events, and more. These offer just enough protection to make them ideal for a wide variety of applications where clear, hi-fidelity, professional-quality sound is just as important as hearing protection is. The soft flanges enable maximum comfort, while the firm stem allows fast, easy insertion. Shatterproof carrying case included. White color. Mack's Hear Plugs are washable and reusable.

Mack's Hi-Fi Hear Plugs Natural Sound Musicians' Earplugs
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