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Flare Audio Snoozers® Solid Aluminum Ear Plugs for Sleeping

Flare Audio Snoozers Solid Aluminum Ear Plugs for Sleeping

Flare Audio Snoozers Solid Aluminum Ear Plugs for SleepingFlare Audio Snoozers Solid Aluminum Ear Plugs for SleepingFlare Audio Snoozers Solid Aluminum Ear Plugs for Sleeping
This item has been discontinued. Don't panic! The replacement, the Flare Audio Sleeep, is just as effective, but even tinier and more comfortable.

Snoozers Solid Aluminum Ear Plug Features
  • Solid metal body blocks out snoring and ambient noise
  • Dual-tipped design is comfortable, even for side-sleepers
  • High-density metal prevents all sound from entering the ear canals
  • Redesigned EARFOAM® memory foam ear tips
  • Comes with XS, S, and M size tips
Snoozers: Because Sleep Matters

Snoozers by Flare Audio are a smart, sleek new solution to an age-old problem: how to sleep with snoring and other disturbing noises. Getting good, deep, restful sleep is the goal, but our world has never been noisier. If irritating sounds are keeping you awake at night, not only will you get out of bed the next morning feeling exhausted, but your stress levels will also go up, and your health can suffer. And for couples that include one partner who snores, missing sleep due to snoring can literally ruin relationships. Unfortunately, we can't make the world a quieter place - but we can make it easier to sleep, even when surrounded by irritating noise.

Solid Metal - The Science Behind Snoozers

These innovative ear plugs are unlike any other hearing protection for snoring. The key is the solid metal body. Where silicone and plastic plugs tend to block noise a bit unevenly, with the most protection falling in the higher frequencies, Snoozers' metal core blocks out the lower frequencies, too. That lower range is often where the most intense snoring occurs, so it's critical to attenuate that sound so you can sleep. Snoozers rise to meet that challenge. Their solid aerospace aluminum forms a complete barrier against noise, covering both the higher and lower frequencies. It works because the high-quality metal in Snoozers is simply too dense to conduct sound. That means Snoozers can seal sound out of your ears completely. In fact, the only way noise can reach your eardrums with Snoozers in is through bone sound conduction!

Choose from Aluminum and Titanium

These regular Snoozers have a solid aluminum body. This aerospace-grade aluminum is anodized for a beautiful natural finish. These same ear plugs are also available with a solid titanium body, which is recommended for those who truly need maximum noise attenuation. The aluminum weighs 1.4g, while the titanium is a bit heavier at 2.4g. The titanium is also more expensive. Both metals are highly effective at keeping sound out of your ears, but the titanium Snoozers Max is the ultimate solution for sleeping well in noisy places.

Dual-Tipped Comfort - Even for Side Sleepers

Snoozers Replacement EARFOAMSSnoozers feature a dual-tipped design with foam tips on both ends. This unusual arrangement contributes enormously to the comfort of these plugs. With ultra soft foam tips on both ends of the metal plug body, Snoozers stay comfortable enough to suit even those side-sleepers who may have struggled to use other sleeping ear plugs in the past. There really is no such thing as "too comfortable" when it comes to ear plugs you need to wear all night.

On top of that, Flare has made a good thing even better with newly redesigned EARFOAMS® foam tips with a dome top shape. These super soft ear tips are made of a new, specially formulated, slow-recovery memory foam. They expand slowly inside the ear canal, conforming to fit your ears snugly and comfortably. They are also more durable, lasting longer without requiring replacement.

Snoozers come with three sets of EARFOAM® tips in the most popular sizes: extra-small, small, and medium.

Flare Audio Snoozers Solid Aluminum Ear Plugs for Sleeping
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