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Flare Audio Sleeep® Solid Aluminum Ear Plugs for Sleeping

Flare Audio Sleeep Solid Aluminum Ear Plugs for Sleeping

Flare Audio Sleeep Solid Aluminum Ear Plugs for SleepingFlare Audio Sleeep Solid Aluminum Ear Plugs for SleepingFlare Audio Sleeep Solid Aluminum Ear Plugs for SleepingFlare Audio Sleeep Solid Aluminum Ear Plugs for Sleeping
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Sleeep: A Smaller Metal Ear Plug for Seriously Better Sleep

Flare Audio's Sleeep® is a newer, tinier, redesigned sleeping ear plug created for comfort first. Sleeep elevates the concept of a solid metal ear plug for sleeping to a new level, innovating on Flare's original double-foam-tipped Snoozers ear plug design. Snoozers blocked noise very well, but sometimes stuck out far enough to bother sleepers with sensitive ears. The new Sleeep is an even smaller ear plug that is just as effective at keeping sleep-disturbing noise out of your ears. It feels twice as comfortable to wear, it's tiny and unobtrusive, and it still provides powerful noise blocking. With Sleeep, it's easier than ever to sleep better, for longer.

Available in natural aluminum.

The Power of Solid Metal

What sets Sleeep apart from other ear plugs for sleeping is that it has a solid metal aluminum core. The metal is so dense, sound cannot penetrate through it, keeping all noise out of your ear canals. While wearing Sleeep ear plugs, the only noise you'll hear is that which you will inevitably pick up via bone transmission. Interestingly, a fraction of the sound you hear doesn't travel through the air into your ear canals; instead, it actually travels through the bones of your skull! Unfortunately, no ear plug can block the sound carried via bone transmission - but Sleeep blocks absolutely everything else.

And when it comes to the low-frequency sound that does enter through your ear canals, Sleeep is still remarkably helpful. Traditional ear plugs used for snoring relief are typically made of foam or silicone. While many of those do a really excellent job of blocking noise overall, they also reduce noise irregularly across the different frequencies - and those very deep, low-frequency sounds are especially hard for normal earplugs to defend against. Sleeep's solid metal core blocks sound reliably across all audible frequencies, making it a strong line of defense against the deep rumble of severe snoring.

Super-Tiny Double-Tipped Foam: Superior Comfort

Compare Ear Plugs: Flare Sleeep vs Flare SnoozersSleeep is impressively small, measuring just 14mm from end to end. Its predecessor, Snoozers, had a metal body more than twice its size! Snoozers were already helping people sleep marvelously better - and now Sleeep makes wearing ear plugs effortless. Sleeep plugs are so small and lightweight, they almost disappear inside your ears.

Side sleepers, rejoice.

And unlike most ear plugs, both ends of Sleeep plugs are swaddled in soft memory foam. In fact, this foam almost entirely covers the metal body, with only a slim 2mm ring of aluminum exposed in the center. That metal is rounded and polished to a glossy shine, so every contact point is nice and smooth. With almost the entire plug covered in soft foam, Sleeep stays comfortable all night long. With its tiny form factor, soft double-ended foam tips, and dense metal core, Sleeep enables deeper, longer sleep and delivers real relief from snoring (and a huge range of other unwanted sounds, too).

More About Snoring, Sound, and Sleep

Flare Audio understands that controlling your auditory environment is crucial to your health and well-being. This is true whether you're protecting your hearing at a rock concert or just trying to get some much-needed rest. But when nighttime noises like snoring, traffic, and inconsiderate neighbors disturb our sleep, our waking lives suffer. Concentration goes down, stress goes up, and the quality of our work and leisure time diminishes. Snoring in particular can be difficult to live with, straining not only your body and mind, but also your relationships. Severe snoring has literally ruined marriages. Many of the snoring "solutions" out there - mainly strips, drops, and sprays - can be irritating or even downright dangerous. Even worse, most of them don't even work very well.

When it comes to blocking out snoring, ear plugs are absolutely the safest way... and also generally the most effective! Sleeep works so well that, if you've been suffering from missing sleep due to a snoring bed partner or other noise, it could actually change your life.

Flare Audio Sleeep Solid Aluminum Ear Plugs for Sleeping
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