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Flare Audio Sleeep Pro® NEW Solid Titanium Ear Plugs for Sleeping

Flare Audio Sleeep Pro NEW Solid Titanium Ear Plugs for Sleeping

Flare Audio Sleeep Pro NEW Solid Titanium Ear Plugs for SleepingFlare Audio Sleeep Pro NEW Solid Titanium Ear Plugs for SleepingFlare Audio Sleeep Pro NEW Solid Titanium Ear Plugs for Sleeping
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Sleeep Pro: Tiny Metal Ear Plug, Serious Snore-Stopping Power

Flare Audio's Snoozers ear plugs brought the powerful noise-blocking properties of solid metal to an ear plug for sleeping. Now, the Sleeep Pro innovates on that design, packing the ability to block all sound from entering your ear canal into an even tinier package. While other ear plugs might stick out of the ear too far to be comfortable (especially for people who sleep on their side), the Sleeep almost disappears inside your ear canals. The special double-foam-tipped ear plug design ensures that your ears stay swaddled in soft, smooth foam, so they're comfortable enough to wear all night. And the Sleeep Pro's extra-dense solid titanium core provides the best defense against loud, low-frequency snoring.

Solid Metal: The Science Behind Flare

Flare Audio turned traditional hearing protection on its head with its original line of metal ear plugs for concerts, creating this totally unique new method of blocking noise. Strange as they may sound at first, metal ear plugs became popular, and fast - and it's because they work so well. Sound waves cannot effectively travel through the solid metal core of the ear plugs; the material is too dense to carry the vibrations. And that means the only sound you will hear with Flare ear plugs in your ears will be the sound that is literally conducted through the bones in your head. That's as good as noise blocking gets. And now it's available in a new design created specifically for sleeping.

All that noise-blocking power makes Sleeep Pro an excellent choice for dealing with extreme snoring. Missing sleep is no joke, and snoring relief is serious business. A lot of the noise from snoring often occurs at lower frequencies, and unfortunately, traditional ear plugs made out of foam tend to block noise unevenly across the audible frequencies. The deepest bass often falls through the cracks. While Sleeep Pro cannot provide absolute silence (no hearing protector can!), it is one of the very best ear plugs for snoring available today.

Sleeep vs Sleeep Pro?

The regular Sleeep features a solid aluminum core, while the Sleeep Pro has a solid grade 5 titanium core. Both materials are dense enough to block out noise very well. However, when it comes to the very worst low-pitched snoring, the Titanium provides the maximum protection from unwanted sound. The regular Sleeep is less expensive, it comes in two sleek colors, and it works wonders for most people - but if you know you need as much relief as you can possibly get, the Sleeep Pro is absolutely your best bet when it comes to blocking that low-frequency snoring. The titanium version is also likely to help the most with other low-pitched noise, such as neighbors playing music with loud bass, or intense traffic noise from a nearby highway/airport.

Super-Tiny Double-Tipped Foam: Superior Comfort

Compare Ear Plugs: Flare Sleeep vs Flare SnoozersBridging the gap between the original Flare metal ear plugs and these new Sleeep plugs, is the Snoozers model of sleeping ear plugs. Snoozers captured the effectiveness of the solid metal core, and introduced the double-foam-tipped design that would make them comfortable enough to wear to bed. It was already helping people sleep marvelously better, but some people found it to be too big; it was a little long for many side-sleepers, in particular.

Enter: Sleeep.

Sleeep Pro measures in at less than half the size of Snoozers! At a remarkably small 14mm from one end to the other, Sleeep Pro is truly teeny-tiny: it's comfortable whether you sleep on your stomach, back, or side. Too, the dual-ended foam tips are ultra soft, and cover almost the entire metal body of the ear plug. Both ends provide plush padding for twice the softness. Only a slim 2mm band of titanium is exposed in the center of each plug, polished and buffed to a perfectly smooth, non-irritating surface. Sleeep ear plugs are effortless to wear, night after night.

More About Snoring, Sound, and Sleep

More than 90 million Americans are affected by snoring - and 37 million of them deal with it on a frequent, ongoing basis. Snoring can have deep and sometimes even insidious effects on our waking lives. When we miss sleep, we don't just feel cranky the next morning; our ability to focus and concentrate suffers. Stress levels go up, which brings along a whole host of other health problems, both mental and physical.

Sleep is critical, so when a snoring partner destroys your long-term ability to get good, restful sleep, it can stress your relationship, too. In rare cases, customers have told us about how severe snoring has literally ruined their marriages. And many of the snoring solutions and "cures" out there are expensive, dubious, or even unsafe. But there is hope. Ear plugs for sleeping work. Even the very highest-end, maximum-protection plugs are reasonably affordable. They last a long time, with replacement foams available to keep them effective for years. And they're absolutely safe - unlike many of the pills and sprays out there.

Sleep is important, and nothing can replace it. With Sleeep Pro solid titanium ear plugs, you can get the relief from snoring and other sleep-disturbing noises you need, safely.

Flare Audio Sleeep Pro NEW Solid Titanium Ear Plugs for Sleeping
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