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Flare Audio ISOLATE Carry Pouch

Flare Audio ISOLATE Carry Pouch

Flare Audio ISOLATE Carry PouchFlare Audio ISOLATE Carry Pouch
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Never get caught with naked ears again.

This lightweight mesh pouch is perfect for carrying your Flare Audio ISOLATE Solid Metal Ear Plugs with you anywhere and everywhere you go. It's also a great way to keep your ear plugs and your spare replacement earfoams together in the same place! Perfect for both the regular-sized ISOLATE ear plugs and the ISOLATE MiNi plugs.

A soft pouch like this is nice because you can stick it in your pocket or toss it in your bag, and you'll never get caught without the hearing protection you need to be safe and comfortable. Whether you're traveling, trying to sleep with noise, or enjoying live music, this pouch helps you keep your ISOLATE Metal Ear Plugs close at hand. It's one less thing to worry about.

Though designed by Flare Audio, the people behind ISOLATE metal ear plugs, this handy pouch would also make an attractive carrying and storage solution for virtually any pair of plugs.

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