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Ear Gear Cochlear Cordless Hearing Aid Covers

Ear Gear Cochlear Cordless Hearing Aid Covers

Ear Gear Cochlear Cordless Hearing Aid CoversEar Gear Cochlear Cordless Hearing Aid CoversEar Gear Cochlear Cordless Hearing Aid CoversEar Gear Cochlear Cordless Hearing Aid CoversEar Gear Cochlear Cordless Hearing Aid CoversEar Gear Cochlear Cordless Hearing Aid Covers
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Ear Gear Hearing Aid Covers Key Benefits:
  • Protects from sweat, preventing moisture-buildup and rust
  • Soft material improves comfort and reduces chafing
  • Comes in many colors, from flashy to subtle
  • Helps keep hearing aids from getting lost
  • Ear Gear Cochlear fits various cochlear processors
Ear Gear Hearing Aid Covers Details:

Ear Gear Hearing Aid Covers make it easier to wear your hearing aids. The covers are soft, so wearing your hearing devices for long periods of time is much more comfortable. The covers come in colors from subtle to flashy, so you can feel more confident about the way you look wearing your hearing aids. And best of all, they prevent sweat from leaking into your devices and rusting the delicate electronics. With Ear Gear, you can unlock the world around you with the ability to actually wear your hearing aids wherever you go. Hot days no longer mean giving up your hearing. And that freedom makes it possible for you to hear the sounds and voices that really matter more often.

Ear Gear Cochlear is comfortable but tough. The stretchy fabric holds up well over time, and fits very snugly and securely. The cover is very effective at preventing sweat from getting inside your device, standing up to hot weather conditions. Ear Gear Cochlear fits various Cochlear and Advanced Bionics processors and Medel's Opus 2 processor.

Prevent Sweat from Damaging Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aid covers help prevent sweat and moisture from building up and seeping into your devices. With these delicate electronics, rust can be big a problem. But Ear Gear provides excellent protection from sweat, so you can enjoy all your activities without worrying about damaging your expensive hearing aids. These hearing aid protectors also reduce wind noise, while simultaneously helping to keep the microphones and batteries from getting clogged up. Ear Gear is so effective, it can even protect hearing instruments during sports.

Dramatically Improved Comfort

When your hearing aids are a part of your daily life, wearing them can be a pain - literally. Ear Gear covers feature a double wall spandex nylon sleeve that is both water resistant and soft. A soft surface can make a huge difference, especially on the delicate skin around the ear. It also minimizes chafing. When you need to wear your hearing aids for long hours at a time, improved comfort is a must.

Colors from Subtle to Bright

Ear Gear lets you have control over your appearance. You can wear a discrete beige or brown color to make your hearing aids less visible. Or you can choose a bright color to add a splash of style to your favorite outfit! Color options range from neutral tones, to Camouflage, to Pink Lipstick. Whether you want your hearing aids to be a fun part of your wardrobe, or whether you would prefer a subtle color to attract less attention, Ear Gear is the perfect choice.

Ear Gear solves other daily problems, too. For instance, glasses can make irritating noises when they tap against your hearing aids. Ear Gear's soft material takes care of that. Ear Gear makes hearing devices more comfortable, with less to worry about, and with a color to suit every occasion. Ear Gear is perfect for both adults and children.

Which Ear Gear Model Do I Need?

First, check the EarGear Fit List.

If your device isn't listed, you can just measure your hearing aids to make sure you're getting the right size. Measuring is simple:

Ear Gear Hearing Aid Cover Sizing Chart

We offer all of the following in a variety of colors:
  • Ear Gear Micro fits hearing aids up to 1 inch (2.5 centimeters).
  • Ear Gear Mini will fit hearing aids from 1 to 1.25 inches (2.5 to 3.2 centimeters).
  • Ear Gear Original fits hearing aids from 1.25 to 2 inches (3.2 to 5 centimeters).
  • Ear Gear Cochlear fits a variety of cochlear and advanced bionics, oticon medical and medel processors.

How to Install Ear Gear - It's Easy!

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