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Decibullz Contour DIY Custom Molded Earphone Adapters

Decibullz Contour DIY Custom Molded Earphone Adapters

Decibullz Contour DIY Custom Molded Earphone AdaptersDecibullz Contour DIY Custom Molded Earphone AdaptersDecibullz Contour DIY Custom Molded Earphone Adapters
This item has been discontinued. Don't despair! We have many great Custom Molds for Earphones to choose from.

Now you can turn your favorite in-ear earphones into custom-fitted earphones with these DIY Custom Earphone Adapters from Decibullz! These thermoset adapters can be used with many popular off-the-shelf earphones to help you achieve an amazing custom fit -- at a fraction of the price of professional lab-molded custom earphones, and in the convenience of your own home. The process takes about 15 minutes and is safe, quick, and easy.

Here are just a few Custom Earphone Benefits:
  • Unbeatable comfort!
  • Snug fit that won't fall out
  • Acoustically seal in your music
  • Help seal out irritating background sound
  • Improve audible music quality of your earphones
  • Reduce fatigue during long hours of wear

Decibullz Custom Earphone Adapters: Heat, Snap, Shape and Go!
Decibullz Contour Earphones are easy to assemble!

Here's how it works. These adapters are a set of specially designed Decibullz Thermoset Custom Molds which become pliable when warm. These custom mold adapters come in a pair. Heat the molds in boiling water, and let them cool down again until they're warm but safe to touch. These warm molds then slide onto your earphones, sitting on the earphone stem between the driver and your earphones' ear tip. Just stick the assembled earphone into your ear, and then just gently use a fingertip to press the mold in to conform to your ear so that it is comfortable. Do one ear at a time to keep things simple. Keep each molded earplug in your ear until the mold cools off, which takes about 5 minutes. The result is that the earphones in your ears get formed into an incredibly comfortable, contoured shape that seals in your music with an awesome, one-of-a-kind custom fit.

Which Type of Adapter Molds Do I Need For My Earphones?

Decibullz Adapter Earphone ChartUse the chart to the left to find out which type of adapters you need for your model of earphones.

A few notes on fitting these adapters to your off-the-shelf earphones:

If your earphones aren't listed on the chart, we have not yet determined whether or not they are compatible with Decibullz Adapter molds.

If you want to roll the dice and try these with earphones that are not listed here, go with the BZ200 style, since that fits a larger selection of current earphones.

Decibullz Adapters may not work with many large or odd-shaped earphones.

Decibullz custom molds are not compatible with Klipsch® or Shure® brand earphones.

If in doubt, the safest choice is to go with the Decibullz Contour Earphones, which include earphones, custom molds, and fit tips all designed to work perfectly together. This is by far the most reliable solution for getting really well-fitting, inexpensive DIY custom molded earphones.

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