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Decibullz Thermoset Contour DIY Custom Molded Earphones

Decibullz Thermoset Contour DIY Custom Molded Earphones

Decibullz Thermoset Contour DIY Custom Molded EarphonesDecibullz Thermoset Contour DIY Custom Molded EarphonesDecibullz Thermoset Contour DIY Custom Molded EarphonesDecibullz Thermoset Contour DIY Custom Molded Earphones
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Make Your Own Custom Fit Ear Plugs (In About 5 Minutes)

Decibullz Contour DIY Custom Earphones provide everything you need to quickly and easily create your own custom molded earphones at home. Their cost is a fraction of what you'd pay for professional custom molded earphones, and the process to make Decibullz Thermoset earphones is quick, clean, safe, and easy. This is no-worry DIY custom molding at its very finest: unlike other DIY custom earphones, you don't have to worry about your material drying out or setting up prematurely!

Decibullz Custom Earphone Adapters: Heat, Snap, Shape and Go!

Here's how they work. Decibullz Contour Custom Earphones rely on a set of Decibullz Thermoset Custom Molds to perform their magic. These custom molds come in a pair (one is marked R for the right ear, and one is marked L for the left ear). Heating the molds up in boiling water before assembly, and then letting them cool off until they're warm but safe to touch, is the key to getting that amazing custom fit. These warm molds slide on between the earphone stem and a double-flanged ear tip (there are 3 tip sizes to choose from for an even better fit); you stick the assembled earphone comfortably into your ear, and then you just gently use a fingertip to press the mold to conform to your ear. Do one ear at a time to keep things simple. Keep each molded earplug in your ear until the mold cools off in just a few minutes. The result is that the earphones in your ears create an incredibly comfortable custom shape that seals in your music with an awesome customized fit.

Decibullz Contour Earphones are easy to assemble!
Decibullz Key Benefits:

  • Super Comfort
  • Enhanced Sound Quality
  • Won't-Quit Fit
  • DIY At Home Convenience
  • Costs a Fraction of the Price of Custom Lab Molded Earphones
Important! Never put HOT molds in your ears! The material stays pliable when warm, so always let the ear molds cool until they're comfortably warm to the touch before assembling the earphones and molding them into your ears. No need to rush: if you don't get the fit you want the first time, you can snap the earphone pieces (stem, mold, and ear tip) apart, reheat the mold, and try again! Unlike any other custom molded earphones out there, Decibullz are absolutely the only custom earphones in the world that you can remold/reshape later to ensure a long-lasting, accurate fit. (Be sure to store your Decibullz Custom Molded Earphones away from any extreme heat to avoid warping or melting!)

Decibullz Contour Earphones ContentsDecibullz Contour Custom Earphones Package Includes:
  • One set of Decibullz Custom Molds
  • Silicone Molding Tray (holds custom molds during warming)
  • 3 Sets of double-flanged silicone Ear Tips (S, M, L)
  • In-Line Remote/Mic makes these earphones smart-phone compatible!
  • Decibullz Earphone Sound Engine: upgraded for full, rich sound
  • Tangle-resistant flat cords stay out of your way on the go
  • Sturdy and attractive storage case

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