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Comply Snap-Tips Assortment Pack (2 Pr Sm, 2 Pr Avg, 1 Pr Lg)
Note: Snap-Tips are non-returnable.

Comply Snap-Tips Assortment Pack (2 Pr Sm, 2 Pr Avg, 1 Pr Lg)
Product Number: twtsnaptipasstpk-000
Mfg. Part No: 12-00002

Style/Foam Thickness: 

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Current Price: $9.95


Comply Snap-Tips are a truly innovative replacement foam tip for all kinds of in-ear devices, including behind the ear hearing aids, Walker Game Ear behind the ear devices, Peltor Hear Plugs, SnoreMasker Pro sleep isolation in the ear devices and many more.

Snap-Tips come vented and solid, in three different sizes (diameter), and in three different thicknesses each. If you have never used Snap-Tips, we highly recommend that you first purchase an assortment pack with all three sizes so that you can determine which works best for you and your application.

In general, choose vented tips when you do want to be able to hear sounds around you, as when you are using a device to mask tinnitus. With all devices that amplify sound, you must choose the solid Snap-Tips or you will get feedback. The three thicknesses of foam tip give you another way to find a smaller or larger foam tip. For those with average canals, the 6 mm tips would be a good place to start. If you have average to large canals, choose the 9 mm thickness, and if you have average to small canals, choose the 3 mm thickness.

If your device does not currently use Snap-Tips, you will need an adapter or you may need to have your device modified to accept Snap-Tips.

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