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ZenPlugs Custom Molded Ear Plug Kit (SNR 22)

ZenPlugs Custom Molded Ear Plug Kit (SNR 22)

ZenPlugs Custom Molded Ear Plug Kit (SNR 22)ZenPlugs Custom Molded Ear Plug Kit (SNR 22)ZenPlugs Custom Molded Ear Plug Kit (SNR 22)
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ZenPlugs Do-It-Yourself Custom Molded Ear Plugs

The ZenPlugs Custom Moldable Ear Plug Kit gives you everything you need to make your own fully custom molded earplugs at home. ZenPlugs offer unparalleled comfort, a convenient low-profile fit, and SNR 22 sound blocking. The entire custom fitting process takes about fifteen minutes, and all you need is the ZenPlugs kit, hot water, and a timer. The result will be a pair of custom-molded ear plugs that perfectly fit your ears - for a whole lot less than a set of professionally-made custom molded plugs.

Available in pink only.

DIY Custom Mold - and Re-Mold!

A custom fit has to be perfect. Fortunately, ZenPlugs are super easy to mold. Two minutes in hot water, and the plugs become soft and pliable. Insert the softened plugs into your ears, where they will conform to fit the unique shape of each ear canal, keeping that shape when they cool. It's as simple as it sounds. There is no material to mix up and no mess to make. And the process is basically foolproof. If you don't like the way your ZenPlugs fit after the first try, just heat up another cup of water and try again. These DIY custom ear plugs are actually re-moldable!

The kit includes a pair of ZenPlugs, a spare plug, the plastic molding stem, an optional screw-in cord, and a packet of ear lubricant.

Why Choose a Custom Fit?

Your ear canals are as unique as your fingerprints, so the best-fitting ear plug will always be one that is customized to fit the shape of your ears. ZenPlugs give you custom-fitted ear plugs - without the time and money required to visit an audiologist, make custom ear molds, and ship them back and forth to a lab.

A good fit makes or breaks a hearing protector: not only is it necessary for effective protection from noise, but it's also critical for comfort. No matter how well-rated it is, an ear plug you won't wear consistently can't defend your ears.

ZenPlugs let you get the very best fit possible. That means these are ear plugs that will be comfortable hour after hour, day after day, while you sensitive hearing is protected from hazardous noise. You can enjoy better sleep, safer swimming, more focused work, and more peace in your daily life thanks to ZenPlugs.

Low-Profile Fit for Sleep & More

One of the best things about ZenPlugs is that they are super low-profile, with no stem or other pieces that stick out of the ear. That means ZenPlugs are comfortable for sleeping, even if you sleep on your side or roll around a lot during the night. Side-sleepers, rejoice. And the custom fit means each plug stays put, comfortable and snug, so you're free to move around. Not that you'll be tossing and turning much, since you'll have SNR 22 noise blocking to help keep snoring, traffic, and other disturbing noises at bay.

Their low-profile design means these plugs are harder to spot when they're in your ears, which is a popular feature for many people headed to concerts, music festivals, and clubs where they may feel self-conscious about wearing hearing protection. (Protecting your hearing is absolutely cool - but so is feeling comfortable with how you look!)

ZenPlugs are also excellent for motorcyclists seeking a hearing protector to cut wind noise that fits flawlessly underneath a helmet.

Swim With Zen, Too!

Because ZenPlugs mold to fit your ears so well, they are also a great choice for swimming and water use. With their custom fit, ZenPlugs keep water out so your ear canals stay safe, clean, and dry, helping to prevent swimmer's ear. (If you surf in cold water, ZenPlugs can also help keep the serious hazard of surfer's ear at bay!) ZenPlugs even feature powerful antibacterial Steritouch to help prevent ear infections.

Get Zen with your Personal Protective Equipment

ZenPlugs are just as effective on the job as they are at home. They conform to CE EN 352-2 2002, which means they're fully tested to be effective, tough, safe, and properly washable. They're comfortable to wear for long periods of time, versatile with both sound and water protection, clean and antibacterial, economical, and effective at blocking noise. The fluorescent pink color improves compliance.

The included lanyard is perfect for hanging onto the plugs between uses, and each pair can last for years, saving money.

ZenPlugs are well suited for a wide range of moderately noisy work environments, including factories, shipyards, and oil rigs, as well as for those likely to be encountered by police, air force, army, navy, and fire-fighters and other emergency responders.

These ear plugs are so easy, affordable, and good for so many things, why are you still reading? Buy your ZenPlugs now!

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