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Walker's Single Mic Electronic Muff (NRR 24)

Walker's Single Mic Electronic Muff (NRR 24)

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Affordable Hunters Hearing Protection & Enhancement

Walker's Single Mic Electronic Muff distills the most popular features of electronic shooter's earmuffs down into their simplest form. These entry-level electronic earmuffs provide protection from noise as well as enhanced listening abilities.

A single microphone is responsible for picking up ambient noise. This high frequency microphone is wind resistent for clearer sound. Safe sounds may be amplified by up to 4x, with up to 50dB of power, greatly enhancing the wearer's situational awareness and general safety. With these ear muffs, you can hear everything going on around you better than you could with your naked ears, all without removing your safety gear.

When a loud blast noise occurs, Sound Activated Compression (SAC) activates, shutting down the amplification and providing the full rated NRR 24 protection from sound. This hearing protection is essential for hunters and shooters, whose ears are assaulted so frequency with hazardous gunshot sounds.

Overall, these single mic earmuffs are an affordable entry point for any hunter or shooter who is interested to learn more about hearing protection and enhancement. Trying these electronic muffs to see how they work is a great way to get introduced to the top-of-the-line features and impressive capabilities of Walker's Game Ear ear muffs and hunter's hearing aids.

Powered by 2 "AAA" batteries (included).

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