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Walker's GWP-NHE-BT Razor-XV High Noise Behind-the-Neck Bluetooth Earbud Headset (NRR 31)

Walker's GWP-NHE-BT Razor-XV High Noise Behind-the-Neck Bluetooth Earbud Headset (NRR 31)

Walker's GWP-NHE-BT Razor-XV High Noise Behind-the-Neck Bluetooth Earbud Headset (NRR 31)Walker's GWP-NHE-BT Razor-XV High Noise Behind-the-Neck Bluetooth Earbud Headset (NRR 31)
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Walker's Razor-XV Earbud Headset Features:
  • Behind-the-Neck wear for ZERO interference hearing protection
  • Retractable Digital Ear Buds with high quality HD speakers
  • Hi Gain omnidirectional microphones for clear sound enhancement
  • Bluetooth compatibility for streaming audio from smart phones
  • NRR 31 protection from noise
Walker's Razor-XV Earbud Headset

When you need your hearing protection to do its job well with ZERO interference with you or your weapon, the Razor-XV Earbud Headset is the smart choice. The next juggernaut from Walker's Game Ear, the Razor-X is a neck-worn device that contains two retractable earbuds that block hazardous noise while simultaneously amplifying safe ambient sounds up to 9x. Using Sound Activated Compression (SAC), the Razor-XV flawlessly distinguishes and protects against damaging gunfire noise. The neckband is light and stays out of the way, and the earbuds retract in between uses. The earbuds provide a powerful 31dB of noise reduction, making this advanced hearing protector perfect for shooting and hunting, while Bluetooth functionality allows you to stream audio from your smart phone while you're at the range or in the field.

Sound Enhancement
The Razor-XV lets you hear better with the earbuds in than you could hear while wearing no hearing protection at all. Hi Gain omni-directional microphones let you clearly pick up voices, prey sounds, and other safe sounds you need to hear to maintain good situational awareness -- essential for good safety. High quality speakers within the earbuds amplify those sounds in full digital, wide range HD sound. A choice between indoor mode and outdoor mode lets you experience your audio environment ideally in each circumstance.

Now Featuring Bluetooth
With the Razor-XV, you can now stream music from you smart phone or other Bluetooth-compatible sound source, piping your favorite tunes right through your hearing protection earbuds. Independent volume controls let you adjust both ambient noise and your Bluetooth stream, so you can get the perfect mix of the music you love and the sounds you need to hear. Listen to your favorite album while you practice at the range, or stream a sports game while you're on your next hunting trip. You can even take a phone call while protecting yourself from muzzle blast noise.

Comfort and Fit
Using the Razor-XV is almost effortless. With its behind-the-neck design, the Razor-XV is comfortable enough to forget you're wearing it, and one size truly fits all. It won't interfere with your movements or your aim, and it won't overheat you on a warm day. The earbuds retract for no-effort tracking and instant storage between uses. These earbuds come with two types of tips (12mm foam and 16mm coated foam), each in multiple sizes, so you will immediately have everything you need to help you get a perfect, comfortable, effective fit.

More Razor-XV Details
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Retractable Digital HD Ear Buds
  • 31dB NRR
  • Sound Activated Compression (SAC)
  • Powered by Rechargeable LIPO battery 250mAH battery for 10 hours of use
  • Hi Gain omnidirectional microphones for clear sound enhancement
  • HD speakers in the ear buds for wide range audio quality
  • Includes 3 pairs of 12mm foam tips (S/M/L) and 2 pairs of 16mm coated foam tips (M/L)
  • Auto-Shut Off (low power mode) after 4 to 6 hours
  • Integrated Micro USB port
  • AC wall adapter with USB port and included 1 meter micro USB cord for charging
  • Storage Case Included

Item No: ewgrazorxv0nhebt-000