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Walker's UltraEar Economy ITC Hearing Enhancer (Pair)

Walker's UltraEar Economy ITC Hearing Enhancer (Pair)
Walker's UltraEar Economy ITC Hearing Enhancer (Pair)
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Walkers UltraEar Economy ITC Hearing Enhancer is an entry level hunter's hearing enhancer designed to let the user try out the concept of hearing enhancement before committing to a more capable and expensive device. Also a great inexpensive solution for those who just need a little help hearing.

Walkers UltraEar ITC Hearing Enhancer lets you adjust the volume in each ear, independently. Wearing an UltraEar in each ear is recommended when hunting or wear in public, as two devices give you greatly increased ability to detect the direction from which sound is coming.

UltraEar ITC is not designed to provide adequate protection against gunfire or other dangerously loud noises. UltraEar does provide a noise activated compression circuit that will help prevent the transmission of gunfire noise into your ear, so UltraEar will provide a limited amount of noise protection.

UltraEar should be used as a hearing enhancer and should not be relied upon for hearing protection from gunfire.

Walkers UltraEar Economy ITC Hearing Enhancer Features:
  • Compact In-The-Canal design, fits in either ear
  • User-adjustable volume control on the earpiece
  • Audio compression circuit helps prevent muzzle blast noise from entering your ear
  • On/Off switch
  • Powered by #312 hearing aid batteries (4 included)
  • Package Contents: Two earpieces, assortment of sizes of
  • silicone tips, 4 batteries, storage pouch and instructions

Item No: ewgultraitcpr000-000