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Home > Walker's Game Ear WGE-MICE2CLR Hybrid Elite Micro 4-Channel 8-Band Graphic Equalizer (Pair) (NRR 22)

Walker's Game Ear WGE-MICE2CLR Hybrid Elite Micro 4-Channel 8-Band Graphic Equalizer (Pair) (NRR 22)

Walker's Game Ear WGE-MICE2CLR Hybrid Elite Micro 4-Channel 8-Band Graphic Equalizer (Pair) (NRR 22)

This item has been discontinued. Don't panic! Find a great replacement in our Hunting Hearing Aids department.

Walker's Game Ear Hybrid Elite Micro Hunters Hearing Aids feature a 4-Channel 8-Band Graphic Equalizer for unparalleled sound enhancement, whether you are deep in the forest or having a meal with friends in a noisy restaurant.

Walker's Game Ear Hybrid Elite Micro is designed to fit nearly everyone, and every situation. The Comply Snap-Tip system lets you choose from three different sizes of comfortable, noise blocking foam tips. Each tip is available in three different thicknesses, for 9 different size/thickness combinations! If you just need the fit, but not the noise protection, Comply Snap-Tips are also available in a vented version, again in 9 different size/thickness combinations.

Walker's Game Ear Hybrid Elite Micro earpieces each contain a 4 channel high-definition digital signal processing platform providing exceptionally clean audio processing that retains and clarifies intricate sound details. The integrated, pre-programmed 8 band graphic equalizer delivers remarkably natural sound enhancement. Just as your normal hearing system adjusts to conditions, your Walker's Game Ear Hybrid Elite Micro will let you select one of 4 different pre-programmed listening modes instantly, wherever you happen to be. Whether you are sitting in your living room simply watching TV, out in the field listening for your bird dogs, or enjoying dinner with your spouse in a noisy restaurant, your Walker's Game Ear Hybrid Elite Micro will let you choose a listening mode that lets you really hear, clearly and completely, with the push of a button right on the earpiece. Just push the button repeatedly to rotate through all 4 pre-programmed modes to find the best program for your current conditions.

We know you may buy your Walker's Game Ear Hybrid Elite Micro for hunting and shooting applications or other situations that call for noise protection, but the hearing enhancement features of these remarkably advanced and economically priced little earpieces, will simply amaze you, even if you never go hunting with them in again!

Comparable high-definition hearing aids typically have old technology signal processors and crude graphic equalizers, yet they commonly sell for $3,000 to 5,000 each! And they do not offer any noise protection! Such hearing aids also require special programming and once they have been programmed, wearing them into a different situation can produce entirely unacceptable results. Ask your friends about their experiences and ask your audiologist for a quote on a comparable hearing aid. Walkers have re-written the rules for what a hearing enhancer can and should be today.

Whether you are a serious hunter, law enforcement professional, tactical military professional, a nature lover, or just an ordinary person who needs some help hearing better in the course of your life, Walker's Game Ear Hybrid Elite Micro will provide the most natural and accurate hearing enhancement available in a semi-custom fit CIC Assistive Listening Device you can buy today, and as a bonus, Walker's Game Ear Hybrid Elite Micro will provide you with peace of mind, knowing the Sound Activated Circuitry for which Walker is known worldwide, will protect your precious hearing, whatever sudden or sustained potentially damaging sounds may come your way.

Features of the Walker's Game Ear Hybrid Elite Micro:

  • Completely in Canal style Semi-Custom Earpieces for Maximum Noise Reduction and Comfort Without the Need for a Full Custom Fit
  • Environmental Noise Reduction (NRR of 22 when used with the solid Comply Foam Snap-Tips. Pack of Assorted Tips Included.)
  • Vented Foam Snap-Tips Tips are Also Available for use When Noise Protection is Not Needed
  • Multi-Channel Sound-Activated Compression Protects Your Hearing Automatically in the Presence of Dangerous Noise Levels
  • Advanced Compression Circuitry Retains All Sounds, with Low Sounds Enhanced, and Loud Sounds Reduced to a Safe Volume Level
  • Four Channel Advanced Digital Hearing Aid Circuitry
  • 8 Band Graphic Equalizer for Detailed Audio Control
  • 4 Pre-Programmed Listening Modes Activated by a push button on each earpiece. Push the button repeatedly to rotate through all 4 preprogrammed modes:
    • General (Best for Everyday Use)
    • Crowds (Best for Restaurants, Sporting Events and Large Meetings) (Hunting: Turkey/Elk)
    • Music/Theater (Best for Concerts and Movies) (Hunting: Whitetail/Bear/Moose)
    • Nature (Best for Outdoor Activities Including Bird Watching)
  • User Adjustable Volume Control With On/Off Switch
  • When Volume is Tuned Past the Center Setting a Beep is Heard to Help User Set Volume Where Desired
  • Uses Standard #10A Hearing Aid Battery (4 Included)
  • 90 Day Warranty. Extended Support Plan Also Available. See Owner's Manual for Details.

Item No: ewghybridelitepr-000