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Vigor 202 BT Hearing Aid with Bluetooth (One Earpiece)

Vigor 202 BT Hearing Aid with Bluetooth (One Earpiece)

Vigor 202 BT Hearing Aid with Bluetooth (One Earpiece)Vigor 202 BT Hearing Aid with Bluetooth (One Earpiece)
This item has been discontinued. Don't panic! Go here to see all our other low-cost hearing aids/hearing amplifiers.

Vigor 202 BT Highlights
  • 100% Digital Sound for clear hearing
  • Fit is comfortable, low profile and discreet
  • Sound Amplification with up to 29dB peak gain
  • Easy to use and ready to go right out of the box
  • Suppresses background noise and prevents excessive volume
  • Sync to your smart phone for easy controls
Vigor 202 BT: Affordable Hearing Enhancement

The Vigor 202 BT Hearing Aid is a low-cost personal sound amplifier that operates much like a traditional hearing aid. But while traditional hearing aids cost $1500-$3500 on average, the Vigor 202 is a much more affordable solution. When hearing loss is making it difficult for you to understand speech and other quiet sounds clearly, a personal sound amplifier like this one could be a life-changing step toward reclaiming your auditory environment. With Vigor, you can hear the voices of your loved ones for a tiny fraction of the cost of a medical hearing aid.

Vigor 202 hearing aids make the whole process easy. There is no need to make an expensive trip to the audiologist - just take the earpiece out of the box, and it's ready to use. Hearing well again (or better than ever!) has never been so simple.

The Vigor 202 BT is Bluetooth enabled, and features 100% digital sound processing for exceptional sound quality. The open dome ear tips deliver sound clearly without putting unnecessary pressure on the ear canals. The earpiece itself has volume control and a memory switch to allow you to switch between listening modes. Alternatively, sync the BT earpiece to your phone via Bluetooth to easily access more programming options. With Vigor 202 Bluetooth, you can control your listening device right from your smart phone. To download the app, simply search "BT Control" in the iOS App Store or the Android Google Play Store.

Note: The Bluetooth functionality is for controlling the earpieces only. Music streaming is not supported by these in-ear devices.

Compare Models: Vigor 202 BT vs Vigor 402 BT

Vigor 402 Single Earpiece
Vigor 402 One Pair
Vigor 202 Single Earpiece
Vigor 202 One Pair
Vigor budget hearing aids come in two models: the highly advanced Vigor 402 BT and the more basic, less expensive Vigor 202 BT.

The 402 features 4 channels of WDRC amplifier instead of two, 10 bands of LNR layered noise reduction, adaptive feedback cancellation (AFC), and a directional microphone. These are some of the most cutting-edge features currently available from any hearing aid, making the 402 low-cost hearing aid a really incredible value. The 202 has an even slimmer price tag, at the expense of these specific high end features.

Choose the model you prefer, and then choose whether you want a single earpiece or a pair.

Vigor 202 BT Technical Details

  • 100% digital processing for exceptional sound quality
  • Bluetooth Open-fit
  • APP provided: volume control, memory switch
  • 2 channels WDRC amplifier
  • 12 bands frequency shaping
  • Wideband MPO
  • Open fit design, easy operation
  • Rocker switch
  • Low battery warning
  • Low power consumption
More Technical Data

Peak OSPL90(dB SPL)110
Peak Gain(dB)29
Reference test gain(dB)20
Frequency range(Hz)500-4000
Distortion Percentage
@500 Hz0.1
EQ input noise(dB)24
Battery Size312
Battery Current(mA)0.6

Item No: previgor202singl-000