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Vater Percussion Professional Musicians Ear Plugs

Vater Percussion Professional Musicians Ear Plugs

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Vater Percussion Professional Musicians Ear Plugs feature a tapered, triple-flange design, with an interchangeable filter system that lets you choose the level of attenuation you need for your specific venue.

The red filters provide moderate attenuation suitable for intense practice or very loud clubs and concerts. The green filters provide lower attenuation which is prefered by many singers and concert fans. The green filters also provide a little better fidelity for more accurate music delivery.

The design of the Vater Percussion Professional Musician Ear Plugs offers a good comfortable fit for most teens and adults. Also included are a removable neck cord and handy keychain carry case with screw-on top.

With proper care, Vater Percussion ear plugs will last through many practices and concerts.

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