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Thunderplugs Motor Earplugs

Thunderplugs Motor Earplugs

Thunderplugs Motor EarplugsThunderplugs Motor Earplugs
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Thunderplugs Motorpack Earplugs - Motorcycle Hearing Protection

Thunderplugs Motor Earplugs are perfect for anyone who rides a motorcycle and needs hearing protection. Thunderplugs Motor Earplugs let you defend against dangerous noise levels while you're out on the road, but they also let you hear voices and other safe sounds clearly. They feature a low-profile fit, for comfortable wear under hats and helmets. And best of all, they help block out road, engine, and wind noise, which can all damage your hearing. Thunderplugs save your ears, so you can enjoy the ride.

Defend Against Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Wind noise is one of the biggest threats motorcyclists face when it comes to noise-induced hearing loss. This type of hearing damage is caused by too much exposure to hazardously loud noise, and it is both permanent and cumulative over time. To add insult to injury, wind noise can also cause irritation and fatigue, making it hard to have a truly enjoyable ride. Thunderplugs were created to solve the problem for once and for all, defending your ears against the howling wind.

A Better Motorcycle Ear Plug

Thunderplugs Motor Earplugs solve all the problems you've had with other ear plugs in the past. They're low-profile, so they won't stick out of the ear, making them a comfortable choice for under-helmet wear. And their pro filter reduces noise evenly by 26 decibels across all frequencies, so you can still hear everything going on around you clearly - just at a reduced volume. This allows you to maintain your situational awareness, so you can stay safe on the road.

Tip: These motorcycle ear plugs are also excellent for motorsports, races, and sporting events. They will let you hear every piece of the action clearly, but at a safer and more comfortable volume.

This Thunderplugs Motorpack includes one pair of triple-flanged earplugs with pro filters, and one compact aluminum keychain carry case.

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