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ThunderPlugs Musician's Ear Plugs Vending Machine (One machine with no ThunderPlugs)

ThunderPlugs Musician's Ear Plugs Vending Machine (One machine with no ThunderPlugs)

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Are you manager of a nightclub, a music performance venue, a high end (but noisy!) restaurant, a church that plays music that is sometimes too loud for your congregants, or a concert/music festival venue? If so, we have what may be the perfect solution to a recurring problem: patrons who want you to turn down the volume. Clearly, most people crave the volume. That is why you have it set so loud. For many it is essential to their enjoyment of the live sound you provide. For others, the volume drives them away, and too often that means lost sales, disappointed customers and bad word of mouth.

For those who are more sensitive to volume, an elegant and simple solution is to use musician's ear plugs. Musician's ear plugs, unlike solid ear plugs, do not block all the sound. Rather, they reduce the volume, and most importantly, they do so without distorting the sound. With musician's ear plugs, you can still clearly hear and enjoy the music, amplified announcements, speeches, and even conversations with nearby friends, all with clarity and comfort.

Unfortunately, getting musician's ear plugs means driving to a store (where you may or may not find any musician's ear plugs) or ordering them online. The problem with those options is that most people do not think about the problem until it is too late to get the ear plugs they need. Now, though, you can solve that problem for your patrons by installing one or more of our vending machines anywhere your patrons may need to access them.

Here is how it works: The vending machine is a standard one inch capsule style toy vending machine that accepts tokens instead of money. Each capsule contains one pair of musician's ear plugs. Because the machine uses tokens instead of money, our vending machine can be used anywhere in the world. Since you sell the tokens to customers, our system lets you sell the ear plugs at any price you wish, even fractions such as 9.99, or 19.95. A designated person at the venue sells the tokens which the customer then uses in the machine to buy the ear plugs. If you need to change the price, you continue to use the same equipment and just sell the tokens to customers at the new price. This is an ideal setup at venues such as clubs and concerts, and especially anywhere the owner of the vending machines is not the venue owner. When the vending machine operator comes in to refill the machine, she reconciles the number of tokens the venue owner has unsold, and the number of tokens now in the machine, to determine how much money the venue owner owes to the vendor for the plugs that have been sold. They settle up, the vendor refills the machine and hands over the tokens to the venue owner to sell them again. The venue owner signs a receipt for the tokens and the vendor refills the machine. Operated in this way, the vending machine is a consignment setup in which the plugs are owned by the vendor until sold and at that point, the venue owner and the vendor effect a profit split as agreed; usually on a 50/50 basis.

Another benefit of a token operated vending machine is that there is no money to be stolen, reducing the risk to all concerned. The token machine also lets you change the products you are selling while still using the same machine. If you have a coin operated machine, any time you change the price, you must buy an expensive new coin acceptance unit.

Our first vending machine is set up to sell ThunderPlugs brand musician's ear plugs. The machine comes empty so you can buy as many machines and stock them to whatever level you wish by buying the quantity of ThunderPlugs you wish. Each pair of ThunderPlugs is provided in a 1" toy capsule, which the machines are specifically designed to dispense.

We sell replacement ear plugs in packs of 25 pairs, each pair in a 1" capsule (see and order below.) If you already have your own vending machine that is set up to dispense 1" toy capsules, you can simply buy the refill packs of ThunderPlugs.

Vended ear plugs are a new idea here in the USA, so we are quite interested to hear from you any ideas you may have about how we can serve you better. We are beginning with ThunderPlugs because they are available in Europe, so all we had to do is import them, but we are very interested in expanding the idea of vended ear plugs in any direction that makes sense. If you need something different from our current offerings, please contact me with your ideas, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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