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Tactical 7S Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs (NRR 24)

Tactical 7S Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs (NRR 24)
Sorry, but the Tac 7S is now out of production permanently. The manufacturer recommends the Tactical Pro, and we also recommend the Pro-Ears Pro 300. For other great electronic shooting earmuffs, please check here.

The Tactical 7S hearing protector is a top-of-the line professional electronic shooter's ear muff. The 7S is fully adjustable, with a padded headband and soft ear dome cushions for a comfortable fit.

The 7S amplifies low level sounds up to a maximum of 25 db for improved hearing. You have full control over the volume and amplified sounds are produced in stereo for better directional hearing. You can actually hear much better with the 7S on than you can without!

When environmental noise levels exceed 82 db, the 7S instantly turns off the amplification circuit, providing 24NRR level protection. As soon as the noise falls back to a safe level, the 7S resumes amplification.

The 7S is an ideal electronic ear muff for both indoor and outdoor range shooting, as well as for workers using nail guns and others who are exposed to intermittent dangerous noise levels. (For a slimmer and lighter weight hearing protector we recommend the Model 6S.)

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