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FINIS SwimEars Watertight Acoustic Earplugs for Swimming

FINIS SwimEars Watertight Acoustic Earplugs for Swimming

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FINIS SwimEars Acoustic Earplug Features:
  • Keeps water out to help prevent swimmer's ear
  • Allows clear acoustic hearing for balance and safety
  • Stabilization wings make sure the earplugs won't fall out
  • Modular design provides a customized fit
  • Corded to prevent loss
  • Storage case included
SwimEars ear plugs let sound in and keep water out, with a modular design that allows you assemble the perfect fit for your ears. Keeping your ear canals dry is the best way to prevent swimmer's ear (otitis externa), which can leave you stuck on dry land while your ears must recover. The more you swim, the more important it is to wear ear plugs in the water. Developed by a team of dedicated water athletes, SwimEars are some of the most effective ear plugs for swimming currently available anywhere. They keep water out - and they do it without blocking or distorting your hearing.

SwimEars - Check out the Video

Clear Hearing + Protection From Water

The key advantage of SwimEars is their high-tech acoustic mesh filter. This specially-designed fabric completely covers the open central channel that runs through the core of each plug. (This plastic core holds the modular components together.) The mesh is thin but surprisingly strong, forming a powerful barrier against water. But while moisture is kept firmly at bay, sound is allowed to pass through freely, with no acoustic loss. The central sound canal even mimics the natural frequency of your ear, minimizing any impact on your hearing. That means you won't feel isolated when you wear SwimEars, and you'll be able to clearly hear voices and warning sounds. You'll actually be able to hear better under water! SwimEars protect your ears without hindering them. Even your natural sense of balance and orientation is preserved.

SwimEars ear plugs also seal out cold water and wind, helping to protect you against surfer's ear (exostosis), a serious medical condition in which the bones surrounding the ear canal begin to thicken. The acoustic mesh filter allows only a tiny bit of air to pass through - just enough that sound can enter freely. Most of the cold air stays out, and the insides of your ears stay warm and healthy.

SwimEars Customizable Fit

SwimEars have a modular design. The earbud tip fits over a central plastic core, which also holds both the acoustic mesh filter and the stabilization wing in place. The mesh is the only thing blocking the central sound channel, keeping your hearing clear. The whole assembly is simple to put together and lightweight to wear.

The modular design works to let you customize your fit. The buds (the yellow eartips that actually go inside your ear canals) come in three sizes (included). The wings also come in two sizes (also included). By mixing and matching to find the combination of buds and wings that fit you best, you can customize your ear plugs to fit your ears correctly, both inside and out.

Because they fit so well, SwimEars stay secure during intense splashing and swimming. They even hold up to light snorkeling and underwater swimming up to a few meters below the surface.

SwimEars are Resuable Over and Over

These reusable ear plugs are very simple to clean. Wash them gently in warm water after each use, and store them in a cool, dry place out of the sun. (The included storage case is a perfect spot!) Washing your SwimEars after each time you use them helps keep salt from building up in the sound channels or on the mesh. But if you get a little behind, don't worry. Soak the plugs in warm water for a few hours first, then just brush them gently (use a soft brush), rinse them off in more warm water, and let them dry.

From FINIS - Swimmers who Get It

SwimEars was developed by a team who spent over 1,000 hours designing, prototyping, and perfecting these swimming earplugs. FINIS, the people behind SwimEars, are all passionate coaches and swimmers (of all ability levels) located in the California bay area. SwimEars is truly their labor of love. It took EarLabs AB in Sweden collaborating with open-water swimmer Hans Henrik H. Heming to find the perfect design to keep water out, let sound in, and fit perfectly. Tested in hot and cold waters across the globe, SwimEars are enabling people to experience the joy of swimming while keeping their ears safe.

What's in the Box?
  • One pair of SwimEars, pre-assembled with medium parts
  • Adjustable leash cord
  • Bud tips (one pair each large, medium, small)
  • Support wings (two sizes included)
  • Awesome storage case

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